About Us


We are a normal(ish) second time around couple.  James was due to retire and on a spontaneous 4.00 am tea drinking decision, I retired early.  We let the house out for a year and took the plunge … no going back!  We started our travels with 11 days in Jordan, where James had lived for a while.  We then crossed over to mainland Europe on 20th April 2015 in our motorhome on our big adventure.

We take turns behind the camera; K uploads and adds captions to the pix and J is the master wordsmith.


Worked as a Marketing Manager until Maddy came along.  Was pretty bored with being a housewife so retrained as a teacher.  Worked part time until divorced from husband number 1 and moved to the Bristol area to be with James in 2008 and landed a job in one of the best city centre schools.  And I really landed on my feet as my face must have fitted … I ended up as Head of ICT and Computing, involved in several whole school projects and as a staff representative on the Co-operative Forum.IMG_4312-1.jpg


A Dubliner by birth, James lived and worked abroad ( including Jordan for 9 years) which may explain why his 4 children are now scattered around the globe.

He worked in the construction industry but did not get his hands dirty!  A qualified QS, with a PostGrad Diploma in Law, he ran the company that charged you to get into Wales across the bridges.

Main interests are running, Gaelic sports, Tiramisu and James Joyce.