The Vehicle Story

We started in a tent … that is proper camping!  But James had not grown up with it and referred to being under canvas as sleeping with a rock up your a…!

So we bought Valerie, a black Mazda Bongo; very quirky, but we loved her.  We used as much holiday as we could travelling, mostly UK, but she went to the S of France twice one year.  We even had Christmas lights up in her in cold and damp Norfolk.  We were averaging once a month away and even in the winter!  No toilet, so we needed to be on site and had to constantly shift luggage around in order to pull the bed out.  Two years later, we sadly decided we had outgrown her.

We knew we wanted a fixed bed, so headed off to the big October 2011 Motorhome Show at the NEC.  The intention was to come away with a short list of brands and shopping list of must have features so we could trawl the second hand market.  Best laid plans and all that …. in the recession and two dealers competing, so a most excellent price on a new Bessacarr E584.   We did not even know if it would fit on the drive.  James is nothing if not spontaneous!  Given her bling lights inside (downlighters, step lights and reading lights) she comes from the ilk of a footballer’s WAG … friends Bev and Mike came up with a suitable name … ‘Chardonnay’ was christened.

When we decided to go full time travelling in late Sept 2014, we invested in some improvements:

  • large sun panel feeding twin leisure batteries and a trickle to the vehicle engine
  • additional 12 volt sockets
  • Gaslo twin LPG gas bottles
  • sine wave inverter so we can power 3 pin devices such as cameras and laptops.

We have a couple of niggles such as lack of kitchen work surface, but we were amazingly lucky, with such a spontaneous decision to buy her, that she suits us so well.


3 thoughts on “The Vehicle Story

  1. nIce to meet you both yesterday. Did you get the mags and SIM card I left ? There was no movement at your van so we assumed you were running. Like the blog !


    • You manage a fair bit of travelling and we have been envious … get yourselves to St Petersburg if you have not been yet. And thanks … not being at work is helping … another half stone off just from moving around!

      You up for a camp / cabin first bank holiday in May? We will be back in the UK?



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