Luxury Hollyhead Accommodation

Chardonnay loaded Thursday evening with a full load, including bikes.  We want her weighed pretty much as if we are off full-time, as being over weight invalidates insurance as well as being unsafe.  Full load of clothes, tins tomatoes, water, fuel etc.

James took her to the weigh bridge yesterday (well, actually the 4th weigh bridge he came to in Avonmouth, having not been able to navigate to the SatNav, so drove blind).  The really good news is that we are light 600 kgs.  Out of this we need to add 4 adults, but this till leaves LOTS of weight capacity for more wine boxes.  Donations gratefully received.  Why wine boxes?  Concerns about our consumption vs daily budget and Scandinavian prices!

Yesterday James picked me up from school and we headed straight up to Holyhead.  I say straight up …. some mist, some rain, lots of road works.  Left Bristol at 3.10 and arrive in Hollyhead at 9.45 … tired.  Parked up at the Long Stay Car Park …. large bays, so we fitted neatly into two.  At £3.50 per bay for 12 hours, it was about the price of a Caravan Club Certificated Location.  One of the things we love about the CL’s is often they have marvellous views.  This car park was no exception; sea / dock on two sides.  Just as we were going to bed an overseas fishing trawler pulled in and proceed to disgorge its catch to a waiting truck.  Woke this morning to the same trawler revving up and the anxious shouts of someone shouting “That is MY dog.  It is NOT yours!”  No idea if the trawler left with it’s four legged stow away.  So like a CL in that our accommodation had interesting views, but nothing like as peaceful.  

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