Into Denmark


Decided to push for Denmark as we get free (no additional charges) wifi, calls etc here.  Long drive when you stick to around 62 mph and congestion around Hamburg, but 360 miles and 8 hrs with our stops.

In Denmark you cannot wild camp, but you can overnight park, so that is what we are doing.  Found a spot on the coast looking out across towards Germany.  

Thumb P1030012 1024A little windy and few suspicious watchings from a family from their window … but here we are and we even had our first soya mince meal …. left over marengo sauce from the other night, soya mince and a tad more white wine and cooked on the move in the 12 volt cigarette charger.  Really pleased it was not just edible, but tasty … honest!

Thumb P1030010 1024

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