Day 12: Vikings in Roskilde


Now numbering the days of our wanderings.  Every morning  James does a great Big Brother northern accent rendition of ‘Day 12’, followed by a very Irish ‘feck”!

A leisurely start …. decided the scenery is less rolling than on Funen so we decided to head towards Copenhagen via Roskilde.  Roskilde looks as if it is inland, but it has a fjord which was barrackaded about a 1000 years ago using 5 Viking ships weighted down with rocks.  These were excavated from late 1959 and an impressive museum established.  It took them 25 years to work out the jigsaw of the pieces … what computers would do now!

Viking long boat

Viking long boat

We then wandered the town and saw the UNESCO Cathedral from the outside.  Refused to pay to go in as one set of entrance fees is enough and somehow we object to paying to go into churches.

Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral

Cathedral tall tower

Cathedral tall tower

K's sneaky ice cream :)

K’s sneaky ice cream 🙂


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