Day 17: Up the coast


Stayed at Kalmar last night, left at 0800 hours and motored north towards Stockholm, stopped to see the spectacular Gota Canal with its seven locks, through central Stockholm rush hour traffic, and on to Skokloster Castle for a gin and tonic and minor Martini… now parked at the lakeshore and K preparing haute cuisine from a tin and gonic, sorry, tinonjonic, Swedish for food….. tomorrow we will meet Katherine’s parents who will stay for six days and bring food parcels and their excellent company…. then next week on to N Sweden and Findland….
Gota Canal / Bergs Slussar: series of locks

Gota Canal / Bergs Slussar: series of locks


2 thoughts on “Day 17: Up the coast

  1. So very interesting ! Sorry about the robbery! “May all the bad luck in the world go with them” xxxxxx

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  2. Sorry to hear about your robbery 😦 Great to hear of all your travels, you seem to be covering a lot of ground xx




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