Days 63 – 64: Overdue washing and onto the Loften Islands

63 – Saturday:  Cleaning …

Within an hour of leaving our fabulous viewpoint, we spotted a sign for fresh water and a chemical toilet … we actually get quite excited when all Chardonnay’s services are empty / full as required.  We also ran and Norked from here.  Then the frenzy of real activity started … laundry and cleaning Chardonnay inside …. and then, oh joy!…. we both showered.  And even better, we were able to re-fill our tank with drinking water and empty all the grey waste.

Drove for about an hour and half, leaving the main road to do a loop and find a lovely quiet picnic spot for our overnight stay.  The deal is that you are fine to park up and sleep in your vehicle, but you should not put out chairs etc as this is camping.  Yours truly, went into gypsy mode and strung up a washing line … had to get all this laundry dry somehow.  K had rigged up a zig zag line in the bathroom, but we risked a) being dripped on as we peed and b) being garrotted by the cord.

Lovely chat with Munchkin who has an amazing blue dress for her Leaver’ Ball at school and a hang over!

As it was mid summer’s eve and we know it is a big deal here, we stayed up and had a toast at midnight.  Earlier a young couple pulled in: he play acted at fishing and she took photos … you’d have thought they could have had a better time than that?!

Thumb P1050132 1024

View from the campsite

64 – Sunday:  Driving

Day 1 of week 10 since we set off.  Seems unbelievable really.  Cant understand why more people don’t do this?  Correction:  lots are doing it and they are ALL on the Norwegian Fjords route to or from Nordkapp.  Every third vehicle is a motorhome or caravan.  The friendly motorhomer’s greeting of a quick wave has become something more akin to a nervous twitch.

Today started with a run / Nork, bringing in the dry 🙂 washing and an attempt at a few running repairs.  We drove for about 4 and a half hours and after a couple of bridges and lots of tunnels (up to 6.6 km long), we arrived in the Lofoten Islands.  Pulled off the main road to find a quiet (goes without saying it is picturesque) spot, only to be joined by another motorhome … there are lots here; you just can’t get away from them!

Thumb P1050143 1024

Bridge to Lofoten Islands

Thumb P1050144 1024

Thumb P1050138 1024

2 thoughts on “Days 63 – 64: Overdue washing and onto the Loften Islands

  1. Hey guys, good to see washing comments in your blog too! We are near border to Romania, in hungry, will cross over tomorrow. Have discovered a music festival, BMX red bull show all held at a castle in Romania…..pity the kids are with us! Liz & nick


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