154-156: Coastal Slovenia

154 – Monday 21st Sept 2015: Dodgy Drive to the Coast by K

We rarely have rubbish driving days but this was one of them.  We ended up doing a few U turns, resetting Sally the Sat Nav several times and had to scramble up a cobbled and narrow street – just made it!  All we were trying to do was to hug the Slovine coast down towards Piran … not much to ask, surely?  The positives:  slight detour into Italy so free texts and a call to K’s mother (interspersed with traffic and direction discussions!) and some lovely views of the azure sea … eventually!

Drove through the Slovine coastal towns.  Kopper is the largest and is a massive port – my 2001 guide book says it is also used largely by Austria.  So many fields of news cars.

We arrived at a campsite just south of Piran .. pretty rubbish online reviews, but there are not many around.  Facilities near us are dirty but is is quiet and it has a washing machine …. so in went the LOT: bed linen, towels etc.  And the wind warmly blew so all dry by morning 🙂

We needed some more cash, so cycled into the Portoroz to find the TIC, and ATM and an ice cream … in that order!


155 – Tuesday 22nd Sept: Bike to Piran and a Magic Moment by J

AM – K ran and J obfuscated (kind of confused alternative skating) – then brekkie and cycling to Pirano (Italiano). Lady in Tourist office said nothing happening in town today…..  We walked to see churches and the old town walls, stopped for a glass of vino blanco and back to the town square.

Pretty Piran - Italian influence in architecture

Pretty Piran – Italian influence in architecture




Piran is a member of the association of walled towns. A certain person, naming no names (J) had to come down as uncomfortable with heights. Did he really used to scale the Severn Bridge???

Piran is a member of the association of walled towns. A certain person, naming no names (J) had to come down as uncomfortable with heights. Did he really used to scale the Severn Bridge???

There was a performance of dance and singing by local children – and traditional dancing and singing by a local adult troupe – a honey and food festival – nothing happening in town today???  Magic moments – Pere Como, Amelia?



Bicycled back relaxedly – I almost got lost I was so relaxed…..  Drinkies with Lyn and Ian whom we had met at Idrjia – they also have a Bessacarr motorhome: we are not anal – we just belong to a secret society of anal motorhomers….(AM’s !).


156 – Wednesday  23rd Sept: Bike to Salt Flats and Jobs by J

Our dawn arrived at about 9:00 am and we persuaded each other to run! I had only done a slow run since my leg wound… I dragged my poor leg around 5 km in a half reasonable time – K was also quick…. but later a calf muscle twinge for me (an old friend or enemy).  Bicycles dragged out and set sail (or salt) for the local sultans, some 4 km away…  Very disappointing – poor information and signage, very untypical for our Slovenia experience…. Hey – who’s perfect ?


Don’t ask us any questions about the water irrigation, how often they can harvest salt from a pit etc … cos we weren’t able to find out 😦

Wind driven trip back to van – storm clouds gathering – house work, admin, bike repairs, emails – then the storm struck:  tropical rain and thunderstorm!  We were rescued by Lyn and Ian – drinkies at 5:30 pm (!)  Nice people – like minded – Chardonnay at 7:00 and haute cuisine by K as always…. Now blogging – how’s that for being up to date, people… Tomorrow – to Italia – and some Dolomites, Cortina – especially the Mk 1 1963… nice car….. one went a courting in such a vehicle 100 years ago…



We have spent just over a month in Slovenia and still feel we have missed things out …. we will definitely be back.  Aged Ps – I have kept a lot of tourist info for you ….

We loved it here so much, James has the T shirt to prove it!








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  1. This sounds and looks like a little bit of Heaven!!! Perry Como! A voice like velvet! Love you and miss you so much! Take care of each other! Xxxxxxxxxx

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