730-736: Ayr’rival in Scotland and Arisaig

730 – Thursday 25th May:  ‘Ayr We Come’

Today would have been Nicky’s 52nd birthday – Jimmy and Ian were kayaking to celebrate the day – always spent as a fun day.

We overnighted in Bentra Golf Club car park, an official aire.  Not knowing when our next shower might be, we made full use of the services.  But, a 1:30 am awakening!!!  Belfast Ferry at 3:30 am – driving in thick fog – in the widdle of the might!  Oscar:  “What are my owners doing? I hardly had my head down and they were crashing and banging all over the shop! – a bit of dogsideration, please!”  We landed at 6:00 at Carnryan and bolted for the nearest wild spot to kip for a few hours…Zzzzzzs…   Ayr beach was the next stop – wilding by the beach – stunning spot. Evening came and we supped a glass outside Jez – just along from us a lad with a beer was was fined £40 for drinking in public – a bit unfair?    Apparently some councils in Scotland have banned drinking in public places and the police can be a little dogmatic in applying the law.  Our wine glasses promptly went inside.  A sunshine afternoon and evening – very warm.      

IMG 1461

Does anyone know what variety of jelly fish these big buggers are?  There were a hundred of them on the beach.  Fortunately Oscar showed no interest.

IMG 1462

IMG 8273

The view from our door!  One chap I spoke to said he spends all summer parked up along this beach – we can see why.

IMG 8272

731 – Friday 26th May: The Hottest Day

We had planned to head up towards Troon to meet up with Dan and for the best ever fish and chips, but he was up to his eyes in moving house / van, having just purchased a Rapido … finding things he’d forgotten he had!   With the hottest day of the year – 27 degrees Sentmygrade forecast, we decided not to move!  I didn’t wear sun lotion or my hat – and got dehydrated with a dodgy tum… I should know better…. Oscar fur cut by the gorgeous K… on the pavement outside the van.  A good breeze seemed to make the volumes of cut fur ‘disaparate’ – Harry Potter again.  Lots of passersby stopped to admire Oscar or for a chat.  Oscar swam a few strokes – first time ever!  K wadded in, called him and he minced in so far … scratched her legs in trying to get close and then he tried to pull K out of the water catching her hand with his mouth!  What a Local Hero.


Trying to entice Oscar to swim. 

732 – Saturday 27th May:  Heading North to Midgesville

Long driving day – stayed outside Fort William in the North Face car park facing Ben Nevis – not tempted to climb.  Megamidgesville – who tried to share our bed!  During the evening and the following morning we watched bods arrive and kit themselves out with serious walking gear.  K took Oscar for some really pretty marked walks along streams.


Would not ordinarily post a pix of our duvet cover … but this is the result of spraying the inside of the van.  They’re so small they even get through our fly screens … apparently you can buy midge mesh.

733 – Sunday 28th May:  This Must be the Most Beautiful Campsite Location in the World!

A quick descent into Fort William for a shop and diesel, driving past tourist tat shops belting out Scottish music and the odd kilted tour guide.  

Oscar – “We had arranged to meet Poppy and Boo at Silver Sands campsite on Monday (and M&S too!) but we arrived a day early so the owners could wash themselves and their laundry – why bother? It’s only clean dirt after all…”

This is one of the best sites ever – the views are fantasmagonical!   The campsite is on a small headland with beaches either side and lots of islands dotting the inlet.  The owners John and Karen are extremely helpful and hospitable …. it was almost a pleasure to hand over our money.  We were treated to one of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen.  Every second the shades changed hue.  K later  discovered that the couple from another blog she follows were also on this site, one of their fav’s.  Such a shame to have not realised and especially as the wine flowed that night on their pitch!  They posted some stunning pix of the area and sunset using a drone – https://adventuresinamotorhome.com/2017/05/31/our-annual-pilgrimage-to-scotland-may-2017-part-1/



734-736 – Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st May:  Oozing Time in Arisaig

Mags and Shags arrived on time – mega wet hugs, as we were just back from a very rainy walk, followed by a meal chez elles.…  over the next few days we chilled, chatted, walked ….  can’t believe how the time just oozed away.  Helped by the views that change very few minutes:  colours on the water and hills and the effect of the tides.

       We did a clamber up and down rocks to the Local Hero film beach – but came back via the road which seemed really short in comparison.  A film K watched years ago and has forgotten, but we will download.

One evening saw the deadly game of cards “Danish Barsteward” – Margaret threw wine over Shirley which caused her to strip naked and dance on the table (I averted my gaze) – but who are these ***tards, anyway?  The girls were a pittle lickled… a dry day followed.   Oscar – “Do all dog owners get wissed? I really must speak to Robby and Moo about heir owners – and Skatherine and Seamas!” 

Shirley and I played golf – in the most beautiful surroundings on the planet Earth!  One Tee had a sign up “Where would you rather be anywhere else in the world?”  Actually, in the sun – nowhere.  My game didn’t quite match the scenery – but, it’s only a game? Shirls won by a narrow boreen – but we enjoyed it and the company – cheers Shirley!  M and K were doggyshitting – sorry, sitting…  K managed to spill some duck fat on the sand just outside our door and Oscar managed to eat a fair proportion of it … we won’t describe the effects both ends, but needless to say K had a disturbed last night here, clearing up and putting on an emergency duvet cover and rug washing machine!!!

What a life, eh?……..



IMG 8289

J on a post Golf cider, but the girls are on rehydration … I gave my husband moral support with a Leffe!

IMG 8291Extreme knitting in nearly extreme winds. 

IMG 8294 Heading off on another dog walk – literally paces from our pitches.

IMG 8304

IMG 8305

IMG 8311

IMG 8312




3 thoughts on “730-736: Ayr’rival in Scotland and Arisaig

  1. So lovely to read your account and find ourselves famous at last. Shirley denies all knowledge of dancing on the table. Jez would have been at even more risk than she was from the flying wine. Always great to meet up with you two good pals. Hope you are falling in love with the Outer Hebridees. x x x x


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