1129-1130: Lovely Leiden

1129-1130:  Luscious Leiden

Tuesday 9th – Wednesday 10th April 2019

We arrived at the Leiden car park – after travelling for all of a half hour via an LPG refill. The special motorhome parkings were full – so we waited until a Belgian van left and moved into their space – tight… Light lunch and – the free shuttle city bus takes dogs!  2 minutes to city centre……. A K-guided walking tour quickly convinced us the we like Leiden even more than Gouda!   And we liked Gouda more than Delft.  28 km of waterways – most outside Amsterdam…  found a park where our doggy/children could roam free – kids after school activities – footy and tag games. The park has a sun trap cafe – for – wine…..Eased our way home via a bank for cash. Leiden is the birthplace of Rembrandt – and lots of sculptures, etc. 

Chilled evening (is there any other kind?) – with some vino and (the cooking) Marsala…..Zzzzzzs.  Definitely Leiden again tomorrow – possibly a boat trip. 

Wednesday dawned – windy and very chilly – so lots of layers.  Walked the short distance to the same park – for doggy freedom – and same cafe – for coffee and cake – K had cheesecake and I had traditional Dutch apple pie – yummy – no calories….only coffee as Wednesday is another alcohol free day – quite a few of those recently.   (n the park, Corrie feasted on pizza from the grass!  Met two lovely Dutch ladies – with a Kooiker dog – same colours as Oscar – they had a mad chase all around the park!  They gave us lots of local advice…. 

Kooky narrow streets – and suddenly a large and lively market!  I bought some fruit/passion e-juice – and K got her phone screen protector replaced.

Back to Jez – late lunch and – nap for me…..

Early night – as 6:00 am start – to visit a massive flower auction area.  We will definitely revisit Lovely Leiden! 

IMG 1174

IMG 1176

IMG 1180

IMG 1184

IMG 1190

IMG 1197

IMG 1198

IMG 1185

CO2 make themselves comfortable!

IMG 1186

IMG 1188

 Making friends with the locals. 


For a sheep chaser, Corrie was most unhappy with these!

IMG 1182

Oscar – and Corrie’s Diary.

So – missy Corrie thinks she can out-Franglais me!  Hallo and Goedemorgen – and Hoi!  Doei and Tot ziens – (but that’s after you read the blog).  That’s put her in her place – for now…

Our owners K and J say we’re still in Neverlands – from Daft to Lazing cities.  K and J are now almost fully trained – after 2 years from me – and 1 from missy. They will always need refreshers of course… today K was walking beautifully to heel – I only had to correct her once. J was – well fairly normal – for an almost 72-year old – that’s 504 in doggy years – very scary, old man!  

They were intending to take us to a country called Pooland – but now it seems it will be Germilly – and the Cheque Republic – (must be lots of banks in Chequeland). Our good friend Kerstin will be 350  doggy years young…. she’s a mad hatter…..  The party will last all weekend, at least!  We just hope they have enough dogfood….. Slallammy and sausidge with loads of kertchoop – will do nicely…

Tot zien – for now – all our 11 readers…

O and C










8 thoughts on “1129-1130: Lovely Leiden

  1. We love the Netherlands – looks like great fun. We’re planning another trip to Arisaig in a couple of weeks. Will think fondly of you as we walk to Ben’s beach. x x

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’m going to France later in the year for the Normandy celebrations and then I’m going to travel around for a little while unfortunately it will be only be for a couple of weeks as I have to get back to work


      • Work is such an inconvenience! We spent 10 days in Normandy immersing ourselves in the war history … Major Holt’s book was our guide. So interesting. Enjoy


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