1145-1147: Birthdays in Bad Harzburg

1145: Rammelsberger Bergbau Mine

Thursday 25th April – Saturday 27th April 2019

Happy Birthday Munchin and James!!

We ran where I’d walked the dogs yesterday, alongside one of the reservoirs.  Packed up and sauntered all of about 10 miles to Bad Harzburg.  The Stellplaz was one end of town, but right next to the TIC and the cable car.  The EUR10 nightly fee included the Tourist Tax.  We stayed 3 nights.

The high street is best part of 2 km long and lined with restaurants, cafes and clothes shops.  We managed a couple of drinks and ice creams, every time we walked it!  A special lunch was had on 26th as it was J’s birthday.  The TIC had recommended a couple of restaurants (not high on the TripAdvisor listing, of course) and the one we picked was super.  It allowed CO2 to join us and everything was really freshly cooked with quality ingredients.  With it being asparagus season, we shared a creamy asparagus soup and J had asparagus with his tender Schnitzel.  I went for the pan fried fish platter …. a bottle of good red and dessert.  The whole bill was EUR100 incl tip, which we didn’t think too bad for the quality.  

We caught the cable car up to the castle where fortified ourselves with coffee and cake (on a different day to lunch out, of course), before the downhill walk to the tree canopy walk.   We took turns on this as no dogs allowed.  

I got naked in public!  Yes really!  Strange as it may seem, it was less embarrassing to get stark naked than to keep my cosie on.  Whilst J napped, I went to the Spa.  Two prices, one included the 8 sauna complex, which I selected.  I should have picked up on the ticket sellers, slight tone of surprise when an obvious foreigner asked for the sauna ticket.  I swam and wallowed in the pools.  Did a hilarious aqua aerobic class, where the instructor got us splashing as much as we could, and was massaged by water jets.  Just lovely … time for sauna now.  In I wandered …. oops … I was the ONLY body in a cosie … so off it came!  Not sure I could repeat this if I was with anyone I know.  Interesting to note that there were a LOT of older men, but only younger women.  But I did feel really relaxed and clean after my 4 hours.

IMG 3026

Oker Resevoirs where we ran.

IMG 1529

We stopped a a small waterfall along the route.


IMG 3032 2

Birthday lunch.  And in a shirt!

IMG 3034 2

Birthday jumper.

IMG 3035 2

Birthday Dartington Crystal tumblers.  No slumming it in Jez!

IMG 2923

CO2 wedged amongst legs in the cable car.

IMG 2925

 You can just see the Stellplatz.

IMG 3047

Coffee and cake stop: I liked the blossom sun canopy and the phrase on the porch  Its good here.

IMG 3048

View of the Harz from the hill.

IMG 3049

A musical talent!  A big big for the motorhome  think hell stick to the guitar.

IMG 3051

The tree canopy walk.  Again another example of how the Big Outdoor Playground that is Germany encourages all age groups to get out and into the countryside.

IMG 3054

IMG 3063

An 8 km contraflow.  At 6km, to go was a :(, at 4km was a :- and then at only 2 km was the 🙂

IMG 3030

4 thoughts on “1145-1147: Birthdays in Bad Harzburg

  1. Happy birthday James.
    Loving your updates but extremely jealous- we had great times last year in Germany and can’t wait to return. The canopy walk looks ‘tremendous ‘😊
    Also jealous of the Spa day. We did Bad Aibling Mr Munich.
    Safe travels. M,S&R x


  2. Hi Pals and Happy Birthday James! You are inspiring us to return to Germany. We loved it when we visited a couple of years ago so we’re ready to explore more of it.
    The naked sauna is a step too far for us though. 😉
    x x


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