1562-1562: Living the Ex-Pat Life

1562:  A Special Day

Friday 12th June 2010

The Bodrum Peninsula has a number of posh resorts around pretty bays.  The guide book indicated a driving route.  

IMG 0855

First stop was Golturkbuku, described as the resort of politicians and famous and there were certainly some stunning villas on the way down.  Apparently it is de rigeur to wear stilettos and diamond encrusted sunglasses to the beach!  That’s Karen and I out!

IMG 9119

We asked for 3 glasses of wine, but when the bottle arrived we did not refuse.  It rather set the tone for our next stop.

IMG 3794

Gumusluk a narrow beach but so many fish restaurants to choose from. Karens must-have-accessory is a water pistol  she has become an expert shot at keeping wild/street canines away from CO2.  She can now get them straight between the eyes!

IMG 8371

Our choice had only opened today so our shared mezze plate was super fresh.  A lovely veranda with a view to Rabbit Island.

IMG 4089

Mum is usually my food soul mate, so pleased Karen is fishy (!) too.

IMG 2486

Baclava, banana with honey and walnuts and fruit.

IMG 4828

wouldn’t normally post pix of coffee  but the petals were so pretty.  Complimentary mint liqueur … sorry David … It was your driving day!

IMG 6037

Corrie in her lunchtime nest – she dug a hole!

IMG 1771

Gumusluk is a very pretty harbour with islands dotted in the bay.

IMG 3961

IMG 7417

IMG 5606 

1563:   Disco Inferno!

Saturday 13th June 

A fairly easy day with local shopping.  I shouldn’t be so surprised how much wine we are tucking away as seemingly most of the EU population is doing the same.  We have now emptied the booze shop’s shelves of one particular label … Diamond white (not the cider!).  I got my Tax Return info off to the accountant … yippee.  And I’m hoping that the Tax Man will owe me!!!

We met Phil and Sandy (friends of David’s who organised the apartment) at our local bar and then they came back to the apartment for supper.  And they bore gifts … Phil had managed to buy Fish Sauce and BACON!!!  We carried on partying long after they had left!  Disco Inferno!  Hope the neighbours don’t complain … again!  And no wonder my knees ached the next day … can’t remember the last time we had a good bop.

1564:   A Slow Day!

Sunday 14th June

Funnily enough it was a slow start day!  Once we surfaced, J and I had breakfast at the local bar.  Karen, J and I drove down to Guvercinlik, which had been recommended to us as a nice place to promenade and have a drink.  It was.  Although I abstained and guzzled water in an attempt to re-hydrate.  Corrie had rolled in something revolting and the waiter brought out a load of wet wipes and sanitiser … it made her just OK for getting back into the car … shower back home!  

IMG 8007


IMG 8401

We had seen windmills on the Bodrum peninsula and we stopped at this small road side seller.  The lady seller told us that they were TL60, then 55.  When I handed over the money, she gave me a further TL25 change … Not sure what was going on there as we are conscious how little these people have, given the business closures and lack of tourists.

We are gradually putting ur ‘stuff’ back in our vans as we will leave the apartment on Tuesday morning.  According to the Greek Consul in Izmir and moneysupermarket.com’s Covid pages, the Greek Turkish border will open on the 15th.  The BBC, however, says that its will not open till 1st July.  We hope the BBC is wrong!

1565:   Sorting Day and a Huge Disappointment

Monday 15th June

Disappointment and a low mood … Greece has opened their border to all countries EXCEPT UK and Turkey.  Looks like it should open on 1st July.  Confirmation that visa’s (ours expired on 10.06) are extended until a month after commercial flights open.  A decision to make … so we’ll become tourists until the end of the month and then go to Greece.  Reckon we even have time to go to Crete!

J cleaned out the tell tale dog hairs from the hire car and David returned it … we had not added to the scratches or dents!  We just about fully loaded out stuff back into the van and put the apartment back to how we sort of remembered it!  Last minute laundry too.  

Mid afternoon we met Phil and Sandy at a bar and watched their dog Lou fishing!  She paddles patiently and scoops up fish … swallowed whole!  Back to Phil and Sandy’s for supper.  Asian theme … lamb ribs and lettuce wrapped stir fry chicken.  All with a fab view off their deck over the bay.  Not late to bed …. vacating the apartment tomorrow.  It’s been fun lunching and spending time in bars around the Bodrum peninsula … but itching to get on the road and do what we do best … travelling and exploring.



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