1583-1584 Galavanting in Gyula

1583: Gorging in Gyula

Monday 6th July 

After a super peaceful a few tasks:

  • Laundry:  Not easy as we have to hand ball water, not long hose or tap in the camping field.  So I washed in hot water from the van in the twin tub.  Rinsed at the laundry area and then spun in the twin tub.  Hand rinsing a duvet cover is an art I have now mastered.
  • Pharmacy … all this open toe walking and I can feel the start of athletes foot.
  • Bank for cash
  • TIC (Tourinform here) to see if he had any maps for cycling routes around the area etc
All achieved and the chap in the TIC had marked the 2nd oldest patisserie in Hungary on the map.

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Chocolate with marzipan and a raspberry and white chocolate pavlova, which was just melt in the mouth.
We wandered around, but didn’t fancy going in any of the museums.  Various castle museums about who people lived in different times.  And the museum about Erkel Ferenc, composer of the Hungarian National Anthem.  Having had cake, we were not ready for lunch, so hopped on the little noddy train.  It really did not go much further than we had walked.  It did show us the large water park and spa which is why most people come here.  Oh and there was a lovely breeze through the train … various pharmacy signs put the temperature at 32-38C.  Pleasant but architecture nothing like as interesting as the previous Art Nouveau towns we’ve been in.
Lunch was at the Family Restaurant as recommend by the campsite lady.  A shared Greek salad, I had Hungarian Fish Soup – nice but J’s sticky paprika chicken, peppers, sausage and bacon over roasted chips was really good.  3 large glasses of wine, a beer and water … total cost incl tip £25.  Not bad at all.  And since it was a drinking day … we bought a bottle, just the one!, to share later in the evening.  We have managed 3 dry days after all!!!


More evidence of the recent rains.


Our campsite is behind the castle in line with the L..  Not easy to find the gap in the shrubbery in the dark, so we follow CO2 who know it.


Just another clean and immaculate town.

1584:  Rained Off

Tuesday 7th July 

Some rain over night and Corrie seemed to think it was an excuse for a few attempt to gain our bed.  No Corrie rain is not a storm, in your own bed!  With the rain, we postponed our bike ride to a palinka (fruit brandy) factory, a beer factory and castle park … and then abandoned it altogether.  Having got the bikes out, which entails fully emptying the garage, only mine had a small excursion.  The campsite lady had said it was market day … when I got there it was about 3 stalls.  Having been spoilt by the fantastic Turkish markets where all the glowing produce inspires me to cook, I departed, having bought nothing.  

Plans on some days, especially wet ones, just need abandoning.  So we went for a late lunch.  Best restaurant in town, according to TripAdvisor …  definitely a step up in quality and presentation and still only £50 with wine and tip!

IMG 6020

Goose compote.

IMG 6022

Duck with red wine infused fruits, on a bed of sweet potato and the best bit … the sweet potato gratin – creamy and cheesy.

IMG 6023

Ever comfort food, but post cordon bleu.

IMG 6024

Although not hungry, I persuaded J to share dumplings with cream, on a bed of apricot jam.  This was on dish not to be repeated.

IMG 6025

On the way home, Corrie decide to join an exercise class!






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