999-1005: Resuming the Eastern Finger

999 – Tuesday 27th February 2018:  Recovery Time
Visit to the lovely vat in Corinth again – for Corrie antibiotic and pain killer jabs – she’s recovering beautifully….  We bought 3 months of anti flea stuff for both doggies – €288!!!  Whilst we had Advantix and Advocate for Oscar to last us till we got home, the ‘stuff’ we’ve been sold is more appropriate to the Med countries.  Expensive babies… but well worth it.  Quiet day but we managed to walk Corrie a little further.   Laundry day and some cleaning.
1000 – Wednesday 28th February:  Methano
We showered at the Corinth Camperstop – fellow motorhomers take note – 2 showers in 3 days!  Down the most easterly fickle finger of fate – well of Plops. Methano is on an isthmus – bur rather dead town – nice walking to a beach at the end of the front.  An overwintering Swedish gentleman engaged us and told us lots about the town.  He’d been staying here since 1994 and explained how the local council funding changed a few years ago and now they have a daily bus and few ferries.   He said it only gets going in August, well we aren’t hanging around that long.  We struggle to find a bar …for the obligatory glass of vino.  Usually it is easy to find one where all the men sit and chew the fat.
Celebrating 1,000 days of full time travelling!!!!!  How about that, folks…..
IMG 0133
Playtime and cuddles.

IMG 0137

1001 – Thursday 1st March:  Methano Volcano and Galatas
I ran 5 km for the first time in more than 2 months – K ran 4 km.  Aborted long walk up to volcano due to Corrie recovery time. So we parked at a layby nearer and had shortish part scramble up to top – Corrie hopped up the hill in sparky mode…  Young couple going up to volcano – the lady wore a pretty dress and flat boots (?)… interesting what some people wear for a walk.  
Onwards to Galatas to check ferries to nearby island of Poros for tomorrow. Lovely quiet wilding in boat yard.
IMG 0141
Methana Volcano.
IMG 0150
Great views of the mainland and small islands.  The ruddy rock is volcanic.
A triangular cleft in the rock is the volcano … or at least so the sign states!
IMG 0153
Now I have sensible footwear!
IMG 0735
Poros from Galatas.

IMG 0737
1002 – Friday 2nd March:  Pouring Poros
We Jez’ed to a car park walking distance to the ferries – and we’ll wild there tonight as we planned to lunch in Poros.  Corrie didn’t like the big step into the small taxi boat and had to be lifted.  We walked a circuit of the island in the rain – not heavy though.  As it came down heavier, we took luncheon in a crowded restaurant – lots of families reunited with their sons. They were celebrating the end of 9 months naval National Service.  The Naval Base doesn’t actually have a ship according to our waiter, so I’m not sure what they do there.  We googled about Greek National Service.  Most conscripts are paid all of €8.80 per month!   They get board and lodging, but families have to support spending money.  If they join the Army, they only have to do 6 months.  Women do not have to do National Service, but if their weight and height is OK, they can volunteer.
Some large ferries coming and going; one is a 12 hour cruise from Piraeus which takes in 3 islands briefly for over EUR100.  
IMG 0159
IMG 0741
IMG 0743

1003 – Saturday 3rd March:  Sunny Poros
We woke, ran and decided to stay another night – why not?  We have amazing views and quiet ambience… AND THE FORECAST IS SUPER SUNNY. Listened last evening by the church service coming across the water from Poros.  We hadn’t realised how much of the Greek service is sung.
Sunday is normally van cleaning day but we brought it forward….   K pruned Oscar-hair and then pruned my knob – no, not that one – the hairy one!  I’m busy digging a hole here – ok – she cut my hair on the top of my nut!  The usual perambulation into town and coffee – with 2 knobs of ice cream for Katherine – should I drop the knobtalk?  OK…..   
IMG 0162
Our 2 night view….
IMG 0746
1004 – Sunday 4th March:  Ermioni
Almost back to running every day….but rest days are also compulsory – I ought to know that after 39 years of trying!  K did spillatez while doggos watched.  Passed lots of lemon groves and lovely bays en route.  Nice large parking (for overnight) beside a school – WC available for chemical toilet disposal. Walked along the sea wall and up through woodland (Corrie off the lead!) to a headland and back to town – and a glass of vino. This town is quite touristy but very attractive. We ‘people watched’ and saw the ferries coming and going to Hydra.  Back at the overnight there was a family of gypsies – 6 children – one youngster did his toilet on the pavement….
IMG 0163
Looking to Ermioni from our parking.
IMG 0170
Walk along the wooded headland.
IMG 0748
IMG 0171
1005 – Monday 5th March:  Portoheli and Salanti
Guess what – 4 day running in the past 5! K pillatesed again….. On around the coast – spectacular – monied villas and holiday resorts. Lunch in Jez 
and town stroll in Portoheli.  Salanti was our overnight destination – parking in front of a huge deserted and completely derelict hotel complex. Surrounded by trees with large processionary caterpillar pods!  The route in was not suitable so we aborted and found a better road down – to a fantastic beachfront parking! With no deadly caterpillars. Completely alone and long beach for CO2 walking – so quiet too.  This will be a good running route for tomorrow.  Alcohol dry night (it’s Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, usually).  We sat in the sun and chilled until the temperature dropped…

IMG 0749

View from our Salanti parking.

CO2 Diary (Oscar and Corrie)

Now then, girlies (Corrie here) – let’s have some female talk about our things…  Young Oscar still thinks we do ‘it’ on the first date – but decorum must prevail…keep ‘em guessing and let them do all the chasing. Mind you, he plays so nicely in the van – he’s a quick learner but, he regularly mentions a girlie called Kensey – I bet she’s a real flibbertigibbet….  As for Bobby and Poo – well they’re Scottish y’ken…… decent rugby team, though (tell K about that).  New owners are still ok – nosh on time and I nick Oscar’s bed regularly – he’s ok with that.  They say we’re going to a place called NafPlyo soon – for a Karnival thingy – I may have been there in a previous life…   By the way, they don’t like me chewing things – so why leave nice stuff just asking to be chewed?  They have slooper goo to stick those suckers back together – no big deal?
Oscar here – C thinks I will chase her – yeah, well – I can get my rocks off elsewhere… I’ve been around the block a few times – just you read Hello magazine soon – I might be invited to a Royal wedding in May – some people called Vegan and Tarry – his granny is a pearly queenie in a Buckinghamshire Villa.  
Nostimosh to all – and adio for now xx
Corrie and Oscar

976-980: Post CITY Jobs and Chilling

976- Saturday 3rd February 2018:  Adria Stars

As arranged, we arrived in convoy (K in the hire car leading the way) at the Adria dealer – all of 15 minutes along the A8 – at 10:00 am.  Their service was fantastic – fixed our front noisy seat, spotted several issues we were unaware of – gave us a can of oil spray for the locks – and all for a whopping – €15!!!  They pointed us to a tyre shop for the puncture repair on the hire car – more amazing service – the boss and his young man – boss is a young 72 and fit as a fiddle – the people are just wonderful here…   And only EUR10.  Little old Lidl next – for essential supplies – wine – to quaff with the Aged Ps when they arrive on Wednesday…..
To Cape Melagathi – out on a spit of land – fresh sea site all around. Minor nanny nap for me.  K had a lovely walk down and up to the lighthouse – more ancient remains – little port and temple – great for an overnight.  2:00 am – and the wind was rocking us – again – thoughts of Pylos harbour (at least no salty waves washing over us)  – but not quite as strong here. We moved to the shelter of the facilities building and resumed sound sleep.
IMG 9915
The huge rusty nail out of he hire car tyre.  Tissues for scale. 
IMG 0569
Ancient Eraion:  a massive cistern and harbour.  What an amazing place to have lived.  Mostly 6BC.
IMG 0573
Cape Melagathi Lighthouse.

977- Sunday 4th February:  Jobs

Spring is in the air – and so is “Jezspringcleaning”!  Walls, ceilings, cupboards, etc.  Finished in time for the England v Italy rugby.  Did I mention that Ireland beat France by a wonder drop goal from our Jonny Sexton in injury time?  No – well consider it truly mentioned, then!  England v Ireland on St Patrick’s Day could be the tournament decider……..   And a great Welsh win.  What a start to the tournament.
Fellow motorhomer, Karl, dropped by (Aussie) – Mazda Bongo man – we loved our Bongo for 2 years. In conversation, it emerged that he is homophobic – thinks gays folk are unnatural – in this day and age?  Definitely not shared by us!  Not by way of pay back – but – we informed him that his vehicle must return to UK for MoT – due in the next 2 weeks – not in his plans – tough, Matey.  It’s a gay old life……  
IMG 9901
Water on both sides. 

978- Monday 5th February:  A BIG Move … Not!

My first run for 18 days! We both ran – just a few km to get back in the groove…  Filled with water at the tap behind the building – and a major move – for all of 2 km!  To a nearby beach on Lake Vouliagmenis, with gently lapping sea just beside us – restaurant – we booked for early supper at 4:00 pm.   Two lovely spots suggested by Pete, who has a Google Map of Greece wild spots … peejays Greece Stopovers a must for anyone travelling in Greece.
Boyos haircuts – lots of wild cats – better than wild dogs. Surprise – Haken and Helena (from Sweden) motorhomers, arrived.  We dined well at the restaurant – with fried fish – leftovers by K for a chowder tomorrow…
Fell asleep to the sound of waves lapping on the shore.
IMG 0581
Greek salad, 8 humungous langoustine and a plate of white? fish with wine for EUR33 …. stuffed.  Real quality. 

IMG 0582
IMG 0580
Photo of the TV in the restaurant as it was an Oscar brand, but it was not as ancient as the couple running the restaurant.  There was a quirky stove with funnel flue in the centre. 
IMG 9909
Walk around one side of the lake …
IMG 9921

979- Tuesday 6th February:  Corinth/Isthmia!

Am – we ran – just a few kms…. but good exercise.  A local man gave us good advice about house purchasing in Greece – lots of folk moving from owned to rented – legacy of the recession.  Jez and Kitty (reg KTI) car to Corinth/Isthisa – manic wild dogs in a bun dance (sorry).   So bad that at one point J wielded a stick to keep an aggressive one at bay, whilst K walked on sharpish with Oscar.  We’ve not often found the dogs aggressive, other than outside the Acropolis and here.  We Facetimed with K’s great aunt Gladys in Eastbourne when Mum and sister Clare visited her – 95 years young…..   K Lidl-shopped in Corinth.   
IMG 9928
The east entrance of the Corinth Canal.
IMG 9932
Definitely seeing more spring flowers around.  J took a lovely close up of a dandelion, but I told him that I refused to put a pic of it up as it is a weed!

980- Wednesday 7th February:  Aged Ps Arrived  

The wild dogs put us off running….. moved south to our Airbnb in Anifli, near Nafplio – owner Dimitrios and Maria (daughter) welcomed us hugely – Jez squeezed into the driveway. We unloaded a LOT of STUFF and had a nap.  To Athens airport to collect Diane and Grahame – back to HQ for some glasses of vino and chat – until 1:00 am…..