Jordan/Amman: Day 1 -Bubble Pipes and Bills

P1010341P1010359P1010334Good flight but by the time we got out of the airport it was gone 1.00am.  The car hire chap drew us a map of how to get to the hotel, but once we got near the city centre, we got very lost.  In the end we paid a taxi and we followed him!
Today we got up reasonably early – beautifully sunny and did the sights in Downtown Amman – Roman forum & theatre and the BC Citadel.  Nothing special, but I did enjoy wandering the streets and some novel experiences.  Coffee in a sheesa cafe – all the men smoking bubble pipes – I was the only woman!  The coffee was fab – creamy, strong and a hint of cardomen.  For lunch we wandered in a cafe where they had huge racks of roasting chickens – again all me …. We were politely shown up stairs to the mixed gender restaurant!!!  There was some confusion over ordering and I ended up with two sorts of soup and tender lump of lamb on the side.  James had a chicken wrap, with chips 😁 and coleslaw. It was all very tasty and cost less then £7!!!  
A quick wander through the food and gaudy gold markets and then a taxi to a posh hotel where James used to drink, all of 27+ years ago.  A glass of wine each and the bill was £25!!!! Won’t be doing that again.

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