Day 2: Jerash, Forest and Driving

Drove a slightly circuitous route to Jerash, taking in some of the residential areas!  Jerash is the second site of Jordan after Petra and worth the drive.  A large area of Roman ruins, with a striking Oval Forum.  Lots of friendly hellos from the visiting girls schools (boys visit on a different day!)











Up and though Dibeen Forest, not that far from the Syrian border, but very peaceful.  This may have had something to do with the police car and security guard taking one dinar from us and giving us a black sack for our rubbish.  Lovely place with views, but other visitors either omitted using the black sack at all or filled the black sack and then threw that onto the ground.

P1010467Found ourselves back in Jerash for a late lunch – we found a fish restaurant and having chosen our fish from a pool, we had a fabulous lunch looking up at the Roman remains – only £12!

A dodgy drive back into Amman; I had downloaded a GPS route finder app, as GPS does not use data and using our phones would have been really pricey.  The only problem with my master plan was that GPS did not seem to be evident, so after quite a few discussions about which direction and using the sun for guidance we eventually found our way back to the hotel.

Dumped the car and taxi to meet an ex-work colleague of James’ for a drink and supper.  Labib and J lots of trips down memory lane from 30 years ago and some really good explanations about Jordan that are not found in guidebooks, such as driving legislation i.e. none!  He ran us back to the hotel via J’s last Jordan residence.

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