Jordan Days 9&10: Desert / Camping with the Bedouin


After 2 nights in Petra, we set sail for Wadi Rum – you will all have seen the film “Lawrence of Arabia” set in Wadi Rum. James and family camped there in the in the 80’s. This time, we camped out overnight with the Bedouin after a full days exploration in the desert bouncing around in a 40 year old truck!






The rock formations and colours were amazing …K’s favourite word of the trip.











Lunch was interesting: our guide took us to his family.  Fresh goats milk shared out of a communal bowl.  Arabic bread with EVERY part of the meat / fat / bone marrow poked out  /the tongue, prised from the head of the animal …. was it goat or sheep? Absolutely no idea!!! J Practiced football skills with guide’s nephew.







We were taken to climb a rock to watch the sunset.  Absolute silence and beautiful.






In the main tent after supper (food cooked underground with sand as the insulator), we sat and listened to traditional music.  There were Russian and Belgian tourists as well as the Bedouin – someone suggested singing….. The Russian gentleman started with a lovely ballad accompanied by his wife…  Something stirred James – not a drink in sight  – a completely dry desert (terrible pun) – and he sang Danny Boy until he ran out of words!  This was reasonably well received – his encore was the National Anthem sung in Irish!








The desert does some strange things to you – but it does enable you to see the best sun set and night sky and stars ever!


2 thoughts on “Jordan Days 9&10: Desert / Camping with the Bedouin

  1. Jordan looks amazing! Not sure I could have coped with the Bedouin meal. Enjoy your next trip and keep the photos coming. Love from Caroline & Terry xx


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