First Nights of Gap Years Proper


After 4 nights imposing ourselves on the Aged P’s; eating their food and abusing the washing machine.  Chardonnay MOT: not due yet but you can’t get one in Euroland despite all the legislation for standardisation!  Weighbridge: Yippee.  Payload of 4.2 tons so can order loads of wine boxes from Calais Majestic for Scandinavia. 🙂

Left C2 house, where we parked Chardonnay whist away in Jordan; nearly could not exit the gates as one refused to open!

Drove to stay with the amazing Ian and Jimmy in Rusty.  Really lovely to see Ruth and Brian, who were very much around during my formative years.  Most excellent start to our travels.  Must make Rusty the UK exit and entry points.  BBQ, wine and hot tub, can’t say better than that and a chance to talk about Nicky.  Lovely to take Jimmy to school with Ian and then off.

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Left Rusty, somewhat dehydrated – Ian it was your idea to start drinking at 2.00!  Crossed to Euroland courtesy of Tesco tokens and the Tunnel – business as usual :).  Downloaded a budget APP and entered our £45 per day.  Immediately into deficit as collected 14 wine boxes from Majestic.  Sadly, it did not even look to be much and it has to last us round Scandinavia.  Saved on coffees as made these in Chard.  The APP does not seem to recognise the £8.00 I saved/did not spend!  What is useful is that it allows rollover and I can categorise budgets.

Over night at a France Passion (no, nothing to do with nookie – they are free single overnights on Farms / vineyards etc for an annual subscription ).  We have a view of rolling hills, fields being slowed and spotted a hare.  Despite this Passion being an Auberge and having a menu at EUR18, we refrained and saved / did not spend by eating a Sainsbury Chicken Tikka Masala tin!  made inroads into our first wine box 🙂

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