Day 50 and the start of week 8!: Fortress Island

50.  Sunday

A bit of hand washing and capable me, helping out a gaggle of British ladies work the washing machines.  They are travelling as part of the Camping and Caravan Club, 19 strong motorhomes and caravans, for 5 weeks and off to St Petersburg tomorrow.  Been there.  Done that.  Box ticked (although we would LOVE to go back and see some more).

Metro into the centre.  James guided me around the small but perfectly formed City Museum which gave an overview on how Helsinki developed and some of the main names involved.  Carl Engel, who worked in Tallin, St Petersburg and then did the big re-design of Helsinki when Russia designated it as Finland’s capital.

Using our transport cards, we then caught the local ferry to Sumenlinna, the fortress island.  It was initially built by the Swedes as protection against the Russians in 1750 and then surrendered to Russia in 1808.  It is one of the main sights of Helsinki and even on a cool and very blowy day was very busy.  More info at:

James in the map reading chair.

James in the map reading chair.

Is it really June?

Is it really June?

Main entrance

Main entrance

P1040458 P1040465 P1040467 P1040468

We wandered back for a last time through the market by the dock and a quick look / NO BUY in Stockmann – the posh department store.

More washing:  had to book the machines for 6.00 and need to get it dry ready for our departure tomorrow.  Now, actually pleased it is so windy (the weather, not James!)

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