1208-1212: Bugger It, It’s Hot!

1208 – Bugger It, It’s Hot

Wednesday 26th June 2019

We had planned to visit Iglesias for its mining relicts and, of course, churches.  As we approached, we looked a the weather and the beads of sweat running down our faces …  Bugger That, so we drove past Buggerru (yes a real place) and onto Portixeddu, a small two street hamlet.  According to Park4Night, it was a free parking above a cove and near the beach .  However, the local town had cottoned onto this money making potential and  youth in an orange vest, with an official looking table, collected EUR6 from us.  We ignored the main car park and headed for the cliff top.  Arriving just after lunch, it was empty, but got very busy later in the afternoon.  After a short walk, CO2 and I decamped to the small cover just below.  When i swam out, I could just see the roof of Jez.  James joined me later … and so did the masses … from being solo, I was joined by about a dozen other folk and my deserted piece of heaven became a little crowded.  It really was the ONLY way to spend the afternoon.

IMG 3456

Looking back at Jez, over my small cove and across to the beach.  

IMG 3458

CO2 actually displaying some sense and sheltering.  Despite the temperature and lots of encouragement, neither would paddle more than up to their knees. 


1209 – Thank Goodness for Air Con

Thursday 27 June

When we set off, we discovered a parking ticket on the windscreen.  But we’d paid and have the ticket to show.  I asked the orange vested youth as we left the village, apparently the ticket was only until 0800hrs … we we were still in bed at this time!  He kindly waived the additional fee.   

We drove for 5 i/2 hrs with coffee and lunch stops from SW, about 3/4 the way down Sardinia to the NE, about 1/4 the way down.  The van air con is pretty efficient, so we managed to keep us and CO2 cool.  

Aged P’s arriving tomorrow and we headed to an ACSI campsite near Olbia airport, via a supermarket shop.  Straight into jobs … washing machine token for bed linen, twin tub deployed for the rest of it, J Jez cleaned, sausages into the Remoska with salad and showers for us.  We didn’t even get to see the beach!

IMG 3459

 No let up in the temperatures.  How many ways can they say It’s hot, hot, hot!


1210 – Aged P’s Arrival

Friday 28th June

Leaving the campsite, services completed, we picked up a car from a firm called WOWRent … nothing wow about the Feista.  It is proving too small for 4 adults, two dogs and what ever paraphernalia we take out each day.  Note to self – larger car to be booked for Crete in October.   J drove Jez and CO2 to the Agriturismo, where the Aged P’s have a room for 6 nights and I hung out in a shopping mall … coolest place to be.  After 2 ice creams and 3 coffees, the delayed plane arrived.  So good to see them … 

IMG 3462

One ice cream was a Baachi Mac Flurry Yummy and my first time in a MacDonalds in over 4 years!

We have lucked out again with accommodation.  The Aged P’s room has a good en suite and air con.  We have been allowed to ‘park’ in the grounds.  The owners don’t seem to live on site, but staff appear morning for their breakfast and late afternoon.  So we are awning, chairs and tables out … CO2 are running free and having minor skirmishes / flirtations with the dogs from one of the two neighbouring properties.

1211 – Oristano

Saturday 29th June

With yesterday being a long travelling day, we stayed local.  A wander around Oristano.  Pleasant enough, but not much to it … J was disappointed there was not another castello or citadel at the top of a hill to climb – NOT!   After a coffee and a few drinks at a bar, we found a restaurant right next to our car park … the first restaurant we looked at had a long table set for about 30 … the second restaurant wasn’t a restaurant at all, just a wine bar, but he kindly pointed out a restaurant two doors up.  And this was a find.  We celebrated a belated Father’s Day, which we all got to enjoy. Seriously good food, although there was a slight hic cough with the ordering – two ravioli instead of two fish in wine with olives … but the chef was super apologetic and we were treated to a glass of his mother’s most excellent fennel liqueur.  So good we plan to go back on our last day together.  I wouldn’t mind if I had exactly the same menu. Best ever Tiramasu.

Back at the ranch, Mutt slaughtered me at Cribb, and only 1 x One for his Knob!  Small supper and wine sitting in the breeze outside Jez.  Being bitten to buggery.  Little crops of 5+ red bites … need to deploy Jungle protection earlier.


Dad with his Italian coke … coffee shop very proudly informed us that he didn’t sell the American.

Queen Eleonora d”Arborea, a Sardinian Jean d’Arc, who held out against Spanish rule.  She wrote a book of law,  was the basis of the constitution until mid C18th.


 The Cathedral.



1212 – Thorros and Torregrande

Saturday 29th June

One of the main attractions nearby is Thorros.  Similar to Nora … Nuraghi, Phoenicians, followed by the Romansa and then abandoned due to N. African pirate raids in the C10th.  A super location on the coast, partway along a spit.  Being Sunday, which we had all forgotten, it was really busy, but not in the ancient site.  Everyone was heading for the beach.    Coffee at the breezy site’s cafe and then a quick walk around.  All the sign boards had been removed, other than the label advising this was Baths No. 1 or 2 etc.    We had thought we might sit on the beach and have a few swims, but the lack of shade … so we decided to drive along the coast to Torregrande for a light bite.  On the way back to the car, Oscar had a hobby rear leg moment. So J went and got the car for him …. fortunately the air con in the car is super efficient. 

At Torregrande, we dived into the first restaurant with air con …. a cool tiled floor for O.  A light bite … again I struck lucky. I’d ordered the mussel soup … but it was really mussels in a fresh tomato sauce.  Dessert was a massive sundae on the beach front.  Mum and J needed help finishing theirs … but I KNOW ice cream and cheese go into different stomachs!


Thorros …


Are we really going to go out in the midday sun?



Like Nora, the Roman stone had been recycled to build the watch tower.


This area was informatively called ‘Two Column Area”.



Sea on one side with all the colourful sun umbrellas and cars parked down the middle.  Lagoon and small harbour on the right.

IMG 3465

 Bite update … jungle juice was applied much earlier in the evening, but the little Buggers are picking on small areas of unexposed skin and dive bombing that area with 5+ bites.  Now how do they get through clothes?  A knee crop through long trousers.



2 thoughts on “1208-1212: Bugger It, It’s Hot!

  1. It looks fabulous .. when we see you we must get some tips on how to drive through Italy and stay sane. We keep seeing news about the dangerous heat in Europe so glad to see you are taking care. If you can get some Halley biting insect repellent it might help. Smells nice and sprays on easily. No nasty chemicals. Great that you could park up at the P’s accommodation. x x


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