1458-1461: Greek Party Time

And James back scribing … I’m on pix

1458: Monastery and Blossom

Saturday 29th February 2020

The crossing from Heraklion to Piraeus was a bit rocky – I was up at 4:30 to shower!!!  We were due at 6:30 but it was actually 7.30 before we set wheels on Greece mainland after 4+ amazing months on Crete…..  We piloted Jez to Louis Ost monastery and stayed the night – beautiful almond and cherry blossoms in full bloom – slept much better than on the ferry. Strange to be wilding not by the sea…

IMG 5030

Our overnight parking at the monastery amongst almond blossom.

IMG 4996

The Osios Loukas Monastery houses now only 5 monks, is set overlooking a valley amongst the almond trees.  And February is when they are all in bloom … lucky us.

IMG 5006

According to the guide book, it was the precursor of that last defiant flourish of Byzantine art that produced the great churches of Mystra (previously visited).


IMG 5024

IMG 5023

The mosaics were damaged by a 1659 earthquake, but those that are left are considered very fine.  This is Jesus naked reaching for the cross in a swirling mass of water … the illusion heighten by the curvature of the roof.

IMG 5025

IMG 5026

I have an issue with religion, it’s wealth and pomposity …and these clips were part of a display!

1459: Delfi-nitley Not!

Sunday 1st March 

Delfi was the intended destination – but being a national holiday, it was so packed with cars and people, we inched our way through (eventually) – maybe another day.   On to Itea – a pleasant seaside town – a long seafood lunch – nice to have fish for a change.  

IMG 5033

Itea – Morning coffee on our convenient bench.


The afternoon procession, despite the Government decree cancelling all major gatherings.  Children were all dressed up … mostly as princesses; aren’t they all?


This was an anti smoking section.







He blew me a kiss! 


 And he handed me a glass of red … like these kind of festivities!



Don’t think these pirates will do much pirating … their car had to be pushed off and abandoned!


Captain Sparrow?

1460: Not so Clean Monday

Monday 2nd March 

On to another town – Galaxidi – celebrating the start of Lent – we intended to overnight – but like Delfi, cars were queuing to get into town!  Found a parking space perched on a verge – a km from town. K, Oscar and Corry did a recce and phoned me to join them. I had attempted a nap – at a 45 degree angle – not good. In town….. hands up those of our few readers who celebrate Lent by wearing hazmat suits and firing flour bombs at other folk!!!  “Fast food to go!”  K caught a little bomb…..  Because of the crowds, we Jezzed it back to Itea for the overnight – seafood supper again with potato and aubergine salads – “Noshtimo”


We were surrounded by families kite flying in Itea … well, attempting to. Not sure how many children were allowed to tool the kites!  Later in the afternoon, one landed on our roof.

IMG 5043

 It was rammed … coaches parked on the verge and having dropped off their passengers had a long reverse back up the road.  Fortunately, just as we were leaving, a coach left and we could do a 5 point turn to get out.

IMG 5046

Galaxidi – a pretty old port.

IMG 5048

IMG 5050

A walk around the bay to the fisherman’s wife and child – recognising their contribution.

IMG 5051

Not a bad price  I should have bought the job lot just for the masks!

IMG 5054

A feeble attempt to protect the car from …


 flour bombs!  The air was thick with it.

1461:  thegreygappers.co.uk

Tuesday 3rd March 

Water en route.  Omelette for lunch.

Move to Porto Rafti  David and Karen – Grey Gappers – met in Spain at a manzanilla tasting Nov 2016 and kept in touch.  Both heading into TAGA (Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.  Wine and meal out … only D got what he asked for!  The rest of us got alternative dishes!  Great to have some good company not too far away in TAGA.

IMG 5055

We found a Park4Night free spring water point right in front of a taverna … the owner happily told us to fill our tank with the good water.  And as it was lunchtime, a coffee turned into a lunch omelette  and chips!  No wonder, Ive been gaining weight.

1 thought on “1458-1461: Greek Party Time

  1. Great pictures … love the faces. It all sounds fabulous. We’re in Moissac heading towards the ferry home at the end of the month. Happy onward travels! x x


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