234 – 235: Pulsating Palermo

 234 – Thursday 10th December 2015: Nothing for it but to go for LUNCH

Having checked the weather forecast, we planned to go up to Monreale Cathedral, above Palermo, however, heavy rain hit the roof.  And then did not stop.  Pretty much all day.  So we walked, dodging the dog faeces on the pavements (worse than Paris ever was) and caught the 101 bus into the centre and checked out a few things with the TIC.  Sicily and particularly Palermo has a strong tradition of Puppetry and there are several museums.  We had been directed to one of them, but it was shut.  Virtually the whole street was given over to puppetry – workshops and a theatre.  A show at 6.30 on Saturday sounds tempting.  


I was ‘permitted’ to take one photo of a puppet being created – you can just see the workshop through the door.

Given the weather and the Italian long lunch everything was shut until 3.00, so nothing for it, but for us to have a long (and boozy) lunch too.  We walked to the Trattoria we have eaten in with the Aged Ps … and were recognised.  Knowing how much food is thrust at one, we opened ‘just’ for the mixed starters.  Despite the wine, we were both feeling chilled and damp through, so we aborted the catacombs, which were planned for the afternoon and headed back to Chardonnay to get warm under the duvet until the heating was well cranked up.


We got all excited that the Messiah was on tonight … any spare tickets?  No, we would have to come back next year … we’d spotted the 2016 programme!  A lovely carpet of poinsettias up the stairs.


Attempting to dry out … clothes, not us!


The restauranteur kindly gave us ponchos in balls … James is pointing to his dangly balls!


235 – Friday 11th December:  Mosaics and Tiles … and Parrots

No rain, but chilly so we were well layered up with water proof trousers packed in the ruck sack – just in case.  Despite yesterday’s heavy rain having washed away the dog droppings, we had to mince our way around the fresh batch!  Up and at ‘em to catch the bus from the central train station to Monreale, where the driver kindly alighted from the bus in order to direct us and a Spanish couple (we obviously all looked like tourists) to the cathedral.  


Street side welding taken from the bus …note H&S: gloves, face mask etc – Not!

The cathedral is listed as one of the Palermo highlights.  It was commissioned by William 11 -the Good, who wanted to compete with the cathedrals in Cefalu (and somewhere else, that I’ve forgotten!).  According to the audio guide, it is a harmony of architecture and decoration influenced by Arab, Norman, Byzantine etc …. in other words a complete hodge podge.  But the mosaics are truly stunning and there are some impressive inlaid marble work of a later date.  I went up on the terraces (aka, roof) and got a view of the cloisters (we balked at EUR6 each, even though they are supposed to be special) whilst J headed off for a coffee.


The mosaic tiles are usually set onto a slow drying base which is marked out by the main artist … slight angles make the light catch the tiles to give the shimmering effect … or least when the sun is shining! 




Many of the scenes depict biblical stories




 Amazing inlaid marble curtain folds behind the figure






Commando man … should check his underwear is also camouflage! 

I know we have both mentioned the driving in Italy and Sicily, but Palermo is a whole new ball game.  We both dozed off on the return bus, with the sun streaming through the windows and the very sedate (mostly stopped!) pace through Palermo.  There was congestion at EVERY junction, despite the traffic police attempting to direct the traffic … not sure if they made it worse.  There was, of course, the odd prang for the bus to navigate around.  

We had about an hour to kill before our ‘appointment’ at the tile museum, so we wandered down to the Botanical Gardens … too expensive (we are not tight fisted, but we do have to consider value and interest levels before parting with our cash).  However, just beyond was a free leafy park.  An American lady asked if we knew where the green parrots were.  Parrots?  What parrots?  Caged?  Whilst we chatted to this charming couple, we heard their squawk followed by them do a fly past.  Just lovely.  If we had not got into conversation, we would have completely missed the parrots and heard about some of the wonderful national parks in Washington State.

The Stanze al Genio is a tile museum and ranked number 2 on Trip Advisor, but you have to pre-book, as I had.  It is completely invisible from the outside.  We pressed the buzzer on the panel of buzzers at number 11 and were told to come up to the first floor of what is essentially old palazzos converted into apartments.  An English speaking Croatian chap met us as the door and explained everything from the production process to the changes through the centuries and the styles from Campagne (Naples area) and those made in Sicily.  The tiles are presented in a most usual way … they are the personal collection of one man and they are displayed in his home.  They are nearly all floor tiles, but are displayed in groups on the walls, mounted on wooden boards.  They make for really warm and intimate wall coverings.  The mix of designs is staggering …. birds, flowers and geometric shapes that could be from the 60’s.  In fact, one set of tiles is a dead ringer for some of the floors that we saw in the Palazzo Nicolaci in Noto.  We were also really lucky in our timing:  the owner had purchased the apartment next door, knocked through and only since Saturday, was now displaying 5 rooms of tiles, instead of 2.


Being part of a Palazzo, the original ceilings had been uncovered.


The owner’s living room





James is hoping to be invited to dine


The bus ride back to our parking was again slow:  constant horns and again we saw another accident …. Palermo really is a good argument for the congestion charge and out of town parking.  There is no way anyone in their right mind would cycle here – we’ve only seen a few bikes, despite the number of mopeds.  Very few people bother with seatbelts, even for children.  It is really NOT uncommon to see people on their phones, despite apparent  legislation that it is illegal.  





231 – 233: Noto Nocturnes

 231 – Monday 7th December 2015:  A Noto Ordination

Text by James … who will K find next to do the write up?

The morning run started a bit late but we reached Acicastello – I did a bit of speedwork along the Promenade – I am quite determined to race in the next month….

Adieu to Aci Trezza and we journeyed south on the A18 motorway – heading back to Noto. On our previous visit with our guest writer Kerstin, we had met a German lady who lived part time in the area. She told us that 2 new priests would be ordained on Monday night and on Tuesday there would be a large procession and lots of celebrations – this seemed an excellent reason to return – not just to see the wonderful Baroque buildings and churches.

Driving smoothly down the A18 motorway – K at the helm – just approaching the turn off for Syracusa – there was an almighty bang beside us – a shower of wreckage and bits in the air – a car had a high speed impact against the central reservation fence of the opposite carriageway ! We stopped on the hard shoulder and k phoned the Police – a number of other drivers must have done so – the Polizia arrived quite quickly.  The accident car looked completely wrecked – we just hoped the occupants survived….  Our van suffered some scrapes and a small hole in the bonnet from flying shrapnel – if it had hit our windscreen – it would have shattered !  Nothing compared to the possible injuries to the accident victims….  We have come to learn that the driving culture in Sicily is inherently unsafe – because we are 28’ long and a large vehicle travelling slowly, we probably have some advantages (unless it’s a mountain town !).

The free overnight parking area (photo below) looked good and just on the fringe of the old/rebuilt post-1693 earthquake city.  To get to the heart of Noto – there were steps to climb – not too many thankfully and just 10 minutes from the Citta di Noto.  Recce’d (what horrible English, James – just as well it’s not your first language !) and retired to Chardonnay to get suited and booted for the ordinations at 5:30 pm.   Now then – the last such event I attended was 30+ years ago – but I recall it was just like a wedding – invited guests only. However, we already knew members of the public were ok to attend in Noto.  We arrived at the Cathedral at 5:15 (plenty of time, we thought) – to find it was already filled to capacity (standing room only) – a thousand folk ?  Eventually, we sat on the step of a side altar – which had quite a good view. 5:45-ish, the grand occasion kicked off – a hundred priests (!) processed through the Cathedral – K reckoned all the priests of Sicily were there.  The Bishop of Noto delivered a homily – it was theatrical – my Italian/Latin is good enough to identify much use of “pecatta mundi” – the sins of the world.  As a Catholic (not a regular churchgoer), I have had my fill of fire and brimstone in the 60’s.  But, the bishop calmed down and the celebration continued with lovely choir singing – and finally Giovanni and Paolo became ordained priests – to rapturous applause from the huge congregation !  After 2 and a half hours, we slipped away – a lovely warm family occasion – a first for K.  

IMG 0287

View to Acicastello on our morning run

IMG 0288

View back to the Cyclopi Rocks at Aci Trezza

IMG 0295

We took this going back up the motorway on Wednesday: you can see with what force the car hit the barrier, and the barriers here are seriously strong – they need to be.  Less than 1 km further up the road we saw a newly overturned car on the opposite carriageway.

IMG 0603

Bishop’s looong sermon: it sounded full of brimstone and fire

IMG 0608

IMG 0621


232 – Tuesday 8th December 2015:  Feast of the Immaculate Conception

We were awoken by 8 thunderous artillery rounds at 8:00 am – K was convinced that Mt Etna was erupting on our parking area – and she complains about my geographical prowess ! No signs of lava in the photo though…..

I had forgotten that 8th December is the feast of the Immaculate Conception – a most important occasion in the Catholic Church. K’s photos show the completely novel (to us) way of placing the floral garland on the statue of the Virgin – at midday outside the Church of St Francis of Assisi.  I even remembered the Latin words of the Angelus hymn – Amelia – can you sing it please ?  

The main procession was scheduled for 5:30 pm and we managed a quick glass of wine at Paolo’s cafe near the Cathedral…. Paolo knew every man, woman and child who passed by en route to the procession… He also serves a good Marsala, K assures me…..

The photos excellently capture the spirit of the procession – it took 40 strong men in relays to carry the statue of the Virgin around town – including one uphill section !

Yet another warm family event – all ages out on the streets. We probably celebrated these feasts in Ireland in a similar fashion 50+ years ago – clearly, Italy has maintained traditions that go back many centuries…  It definitely gets the whole community involved – not a bad thing ?

Paolo’s cafe seemed to draw us in again – was that Marsala K ? (K: yes another two glasses and they were not sherry schooner sized!!!)

A lovely day – one of those magic moments that we are lucky enough to find.  Will K become a convert – and drag me off to church every Sunday ?  I don’t have the heart to tell her that altar wine is not Marsala !  

Ciao, amici….




View down to our car park – 4 of the Italian vans went off early – up and at ‘em


Part of a nativity scene that filled a small room in a side street.


The Bishop emerges with the floral tribute to the Madonna …


… who hands it over to the fire fighters? ….


… aah – now I see why.


Tied carefully in place.  And then a cacophony of canon fire.


Town officials … sporting white blouson jackets … some were filled by their bellies!


The band struck up and this cheeky chappie caught my eye.


Bishop and church dignitaries posing for the press.


We celebrated with a coffee and J had a Tiramsu (just for you Sylvie – he did not really want it! – forced himself, honest!!!)


Church of Francis of Assisi ready for the parade of the Madonna


Clerics and church orders descended from the Mass first …

P1080569  1

The Madonna carried by a lot of burly priests and accompanied not by canon fire, but fireworks and showers of paper contain the words ‘W Madonna’ 


People and the band followed through the streets of Noto


Many watched on their balconies … this lady dressed to match her poinsettia plants.


We peeled off and returned to the bar, and about an hour later the nuns arrived, heading the procession



Once the Madonna was safely back at the church, there was a superb firework display


233 – Wednesday 9th December 2015:  Abortive Dentist and Motorway to Palermo

Minor dental treatment is required – not to sew up the outlet for the hot air – but a filling of sorts.  I visited a dental clinic in Noto but failed to get an appointment – K photo blogged while I pounded the cobbles and steps…..

Palermo beckons – for the second time – A18 again northbound this time. We passed the scene of the bad accident – the photo above speaks for itself. Later, a car on it’s roof on the carriageway – these motorways are not busy – what is it ? Speed seems to be the problem everywhere…..  Rush hour in the streets of Palermo en route to our overnight stay – the van fuel gauge suddenly indicated empty – somewhat adding to my driving stress levels….  a quick fuel fill and onwards.  K navigating by Google maps (Brad sidelined) – I managed to overshoot the gate of the parking area – K had to guide me reversing (the van, not K reversing) in the dark and rain and traffic, successfully…..

Buone notte, readers……


Postscript:  Well done Maddy

Well done to my Munchkin:

a) massive hair chop and donated it to Little Princess Trust

b) all selected Universities have offered her a place … she just needs to do enough work to get into the one she really wants … Kent Uni.

IMG 0296

IMG 0297

















229-230: Eruptions and an Almost Satisfied German!!!

229 – Saturday 5th December 2015:

Guest writer, by popular request!:

Today is E-Day, Katherine came up with a place that is (in her opinion) far enough from Etna but close enough for her not to be struck of my x-mas card list  But before setting off from the campsite, the two went running. I got such a bad conscience that I went swimming instead (well actually I love swimming). The water was probably as warm as our showers in the campsite. I also had a male guest watcher whose best part got very excited seeing me on the beach fully dressed… 

We arrived at the very idilic harbour of Taormina to park the van. By public transport we went up to this hilltop town (I am not sure why the two always complain about the small roads, the bus driver charged up the roads as it was the motorway). Katherine guided us through the town like a local (pointing out restaurants that they already visited). Arriving at the wonderful gardens we were greeted by Mount Etna spitting lots of smoke. Fantastic sight. James took some really good photos as you can see for yourself. On our way to the town centre we struck gold. We saw the Etna light show! Amazing how much we could see and how high Etna could spit out the lava. But Etna lost the battle to wine. Two of my companions who again cannot be named due to confidentiality reasons left the light show before the end! Can you imagine this. The biggest happening in Sicily that night and they wonder off for some drinks.

We got the last bus back into town and had a good night (at least I had one because Katherine lost big time playing cribb against me, they might claim it is beginners luck, but I know better) 

IMG 4040

Open air showers amongst the lemon trees – shame they were near cold!

IMG 4046

Our overnight pitch 

IMG 4050

Taormina – Part of the Roman cistern.

IMG 4051

Taormina is full of small street up and down off the main drag.

IMG 4070

Whilst it was still daylight we wandered into the Park let to the town by Forence Trevelyn

IMG 4071

The weird and wonderful structures are called ‘beehives’.

IMG 4074

IMG 4081

IMG 4066

From the balcony of the gardens we could see the smoke plumes from Etna.

IMG 4083

As the sun was setting, the clouds cleared and it got a bit more interesting.

IMG 4088

IMG 4116

IMG 4127

IMG 4132

We just made it out of the park before we got locked in and walked through the town

IMG 4142

From the large balcony, Etna started putting on a show for us …

IMG 4150

… and it got better and better

IMG 4165

IMG 4187

Along the coast to Giardini Naxos, where Chardonnay is parked and Etna, not so very far away!

IMG 4197

Our overnight view: looking up to Taormina from the parking on the harbour wall

230 – Sunday 6th December 2015:

Katherine sold me the blogging as “due to popular demand”. I think she is just so happy to have found a poor sod who does the typing.

Today we got up late and left even later. The weather was not really nice therefore it made no sense pushing Katherine out of bed.

We arrived at the parking lot for the cable car station. I inquired about the fares. They are really taking you to the cleaners, 30 Euros to go up to the middle station and another 32 Euros to go up to the top. But as the weather was nice and Etna was busy smoking I decided that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and went up. Katherine and James could not be persuaded even with bribes to come with me. Once up it was an amazing sight. Etna was busy billowing out smoke. I would also hear the noise of the “explosions”. To some extend it sounded like a steam engine. The trips up to the crater were cancelled and visitors were advised to stay near the middle station. Watching Etna for nearly 2h I knew why. From time to time he jugged out stones, too. I did not see any lava. I very much enjoyed my trip up to see Etna. Katherine was able to secure her position of my x-mas list again. 

Now I have to check my flight details to see whether my flight leaves on time tonight.

To all dear readers thanks for staying with me. Enjoy the blogging.

K’s postscript.  On the evening trip to the airport, Kerstin was delighted to be able to observe Etna erupt again and then we could see a growing red lava flow.  Really amazing.


IMG 2511

Previous craters

IMG 2518


Kerstin went above the cloud line


Kerstin saw a number of eruptions, smoke and spitting of debris.  Sorry, the video clips are not going on the blog … I’d have to upload to YouTube and embed!


Smoke and steam



Evidence:  She was most definitely there!




227-228: Miracles – Etna Erupts, Weeping Ladies and Kerstin Arrives

227 – Thursday 3rd December 2015 – Tyre Fix, Syracuse with Kerstin

James was up and out taking more sunrise shots … don’t tell him, but I have deleted a lot of the Sunsets and Sunrises as they would fill the hard drives!

IMG 3774

IMG 3771 Our parking with water on two sides – may be getting used to the sound of the waves as we sleep.

IMG 3776

The view in the other direction.

One rear tyre had deflated a fair bit after being pumped up only yesterday, so it was imperative we got this fixed.  

IMG 0277  1

The first tyre place in Augusta attempted to jack our near 4 ton truck up using two 3 ton load bearing jacks much to our slight consternation.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, even with the addition of rubber wedges, the jacks would not go high enough so they had to abort.  They told us about another tyre place nearby …. that does trucks.

IMG 0280

Hard to see, but Chard is actually jacked up a) alongside the road and b) blocking in cars.

IMG 0278

Relaxed H&S: a make shift flag that kept falling down to warn motorists of the hazard!

Again it was a roadside repair using a very long compressed air cable.  The problem …. when the tyre had been repaired in Norway, they had not removed the nail.  So Italy 1 – Norway 0.  And at only EUR20 a bargain.

We collected Kerstin from Catania airport.  I did circuits around the airport in Chardonnay whilst J went into the airport to find Kerstin.  Her first question of J, was ‘are we still married?’  As if!!!

We parked up in Syracuse … right by the bridge to Ortygia.

A mystery Guest writer takes over from here!: Guess what, we had to walk around the old town before making our way to the real attractions of Syracuse – the Roman amphitheater. After going up and down the main street three times, (a female person not to be named lost confidence in her map reading and asked helpful Italians for directions!!) we finally made it up the hill! Just before closing time we were able to admire the Roman Amphitheater in the dark. It only meant that we had to come back the next day to see the rest of the archaeological sights. And I am not allowed to say anything about Mount Etna as this is only going to happen tomorrow. 

IMG 3787

IMG 3790

Temple of Apollo: early 6BC is the oldest surviving Doric temple in Western Europe

IMG 3814

IMG 3817

IMG 3822Duomo: Baroque architecture outside …

IMG 3830

… an wonderfully plain interior main nave.

IMG 3838

IMG 3835

More real bones!

IMG 3826

IMG 3843

IMG 3840

Part of the attraction of the Piazza 

IMG 3844

We’d all like one of these!

IMG 3855

Another sunset … from the bridge between Ortigia and Siracuse

IMG 3862

Into Siracuse – an example of Fascist Architecture

IMG 3863

Poinsettia’s being sold on many street corners.

IMG 3869

Roman Amphitheatre by night

IMG 3875

IMG 3887

IMG 3890

IMG 3896

Our overnight parking.  We got confused on how to pay for the ticket, and ended up getting away with EUR1 instead of 30… not sure how we got away with it, but we did!

228 – Friday 4th December 2015:  up the hill again and your are not to mention Mount Etna 

Now I am allowed to say something about today, Friday 4th December and the eruption of Mount Etna. James and I were fascinated to hear that Mount Etna has erupted. Unfortunately a certain person prefers to stick to her traveling plans (and I thought  campers are flexible) therefore we first picked up our tourist trail from yesterday.

Going up the hill once more we looked at the Greek theatre and the cave of Dioniso. This cave is huge in terms of its hight and I mean huge. The acoustic is great, whispers are transformed to loud echoes. Then we went to the catacombs of San Giovanni. On 10.000 m2 more than 10.000 bodies were buried. As far as I understood the guide, the bones are all gone to dust, that is why the tombs are all empty (in case somebody wonders). We checked on the weeping Madonna but there was no reaction from her seeing James.

Still my wishes for seeing Etna were ignored (this is me coming all the way from Germany and just being ignored)  and we had to walk up to another town – Noto. I was checking out the highest building in Noto but there was not one tall enough to see Etna. 

Tonight I thought I get my chance, because the hostess asked me what I would like to do tomorrow. Before I could mention the E word, she said apart from going to Etna. I think she is only worried that Chardonnay is going to be covered in ash. But would not this be a really good picture for the blog? 

IMG 3898

Greek amphitheatre: end of an aqueduct.

IMG 3904

Greek amphitheatre 5BC: it was more complex than indicated by the ruins here as Emperor Charles V nicked much of the stone to build walls around Ortygia

IMG 3905

IMG 3906

IMG 3908

IMG 3908

IMG 3916

The Ear of Dioniso

IMG 3928

The K’s bemused watching an Asian lady mince and tip toe over the bird droppings

IMG 3933  1

OK, so it took two of us to hold up the rock …

IMG 3934

… and a certain person did with his little pinkie!

IMG 3936

Santurio of Madonna delle Lacrime (Madonna that cried in 1953). The church was erected to house the Madonna. Information on this: http://www.visionsofjesuschrist.com/weeping1.htm

IMG 3945

All these miracles … people no longer needing their back and limb supports.

IMG 3956

The Weeping Madonna – only a small mass produced plaster work.

Sadly no pix of the catacombs, but they were pretty amazing … 

IMG 3966

Noto: also flattened by the 1693 earthquake and rebuilt in Baroque style

IMG 3968

The Duomo: more impressive on the outside than …

IMG 4033

… the inside

IMG 3972

Palazzo Ducezio 1746: with ‘an impressive series of columns’

IMG 3973

Annually flower petals create images that fill the street

IMG 3978

Ornate balconies of the Palazzo Nicolaci Villadorata. The socially aspiring family did rather well out of the earthquake as it killed off 10 of the 19 noble families in Noto, so they became more important and even purchased a number of titles.  They made their money in tuna processing … money in fish – then!

IMG 3979

IMG 4038

A bit dark but Kerstin is battering (oops sorry, think I mean bartering!).

222 – 226: R, R ‘n R … Resting, Recovering ‘n Ragusa

222 – Saturday 28th November 2015:  Down the coast to Punta Secca

We ran along the deserted beach road – we may have seen one occupied house.  Truly a ghost town, other than the steadily busy bar/cafe next to us.  Where did the customers come from?  

IMG 3569

Having cleaned our muddy walking boots (the outcome of the wet and wild lake), I was then moved to polish all my shoes…  

IMG 3567

IMG 3582

We decided to pootle along the coast and not travel too far, passing acre upon acre of Polytunnels.  

Screen Shot 2015 11 28 at 18 40 33

This is Maps view of the area – the blocks are the polytunnels.

We soon arrived at an Agritourism campsite in Punta Secco next to the sea by late lunchtime.  Juicy, the receptionist … yes really, is a wonderfully buxom young lady (sadly we suspect her name is spelt Guice) was incredibly warm and welcoming …. layering up against the cold and showing us our pitch options.  Since there were only 3 other motorhomes on the site and due to the Italian herd mentality, they could have passed the milk between windows, we had a lot of choice.  We opted for a solitary pitch facing the sea.  Juicy said we could always move if the the wind made us bounce too much!!!!    And with a sliding scale on prices … EUR14 for 1 night, EUR13 for 2 nights and EUR12 for 4 nights, although we only plan to stay one night.

IMG 3599James took this pic from a mound of sand by the sea … beautiful isolation.

IMG 3617  1

K blending with a banana tree on the site.

IMG 3597

Another cracking sunset

We had a jobs afternoon:  cleaning, hoovering and washing … clothes and showering us 🙂  Lovely feeling – all clean 🙂 🙂 🙂  The farm owner walked around the site and gave each of us a bag of his new season tomatoes.  Nice ambiance … think we may stay two nights.

223 – Sunday 29th November 2015:  Punta Secco

A run into the town, past the house that was used in the Inspector Montalbano series (not something we had watched, but people were out taking pix of it) and along the short lungomare.  

When we later walked into the town … there really is not much here. And again, being out of season all the holiday home owners are 90% absent.  Even the little supermarket has gone on its annual holiday. We did, somehow, find a bar and imbibe a leisurely glass of wine as we watched the same cars and people drive / walk past the window doing circuits.

IMG 3621

 Inspector Montalbano’s house, which operates as a B&B in the summer.

IMG 3624

IMG 3630

IMG 3632

Relaxing … and the owner had told us that we could get a bus up to Ragusa tomorrow.  Oh joy … a hill town we don’t have to drive to and cause mayhem and gridlock in … as it happens, we would have been fine as there were several outside town large parkings.  Might stay another night here!


224 – Monday 30th November 2015:  Ragusa – both of them

As we popped into the office to check where the bus stop was, we were offered a lift up by the owner, as he had business there.  When driving in Chardonnay we are sedate:  slow and cautious due to our size, the pot holes and land slides on the road, and right hand drive.  We are not used to driving in the middle of the road, at speed and the twitching to tuck in or pull out to overtake.  We had googled that it is illegal to use your mobile phone, but is is evidently not enforced.  J took the front seat and witnessed our driver on his phone, searching for something in his pocket, change gear, and then the hand go back to his pocket …. and he was obviously tempering his driving for us.  However, we arrived safely and were dropped at the bus stop.  He had kindly offered us a return lift, but we thought we might need longer so said we would take the bus.  The scenery changed on the way up from the poly tunnels to undulating fields with dry stone walls – mostly cattle.

Ragusa is one of the cleanest towns we have been in.  We quickly found the TIC and obtained a street map and a walking route.  Firstly the new town – new, but constructed after the 1693 earthquake in the Baroque style.  

IMG 3656

The new cathedral …

IMG 3664

… a fine example of Baroque style … a lot of gold leaf and cherubs, but harmonious.

IMG 3674

The Episcopal Palace … and I want that hat!

IMG 3678

… it just won’t quite come free!

Down 340+ steps to Ragusa Ibla where the original town was created in 3BC.  After the earthquake the residents, mostly the old feudal nobles, refused to move to the new town and rebuilt in situ.  Again, lots of REALLY narrow streets, which are mostly pedestrianised, but every now and again a very small Fiat or moped would zip up and we flattened ourselves against walls…. and had a flash back to our ‘incident’ earlier in the week in the hill town.

IMG 3693

Looking down and across to the ‘old’ town Ragusa Ibla.

IMG 3701

IMG 3683

Know which REAL man I want to take home!

IMG 3685

Great quirky statues around a bar … J did not emulate this one for good reasons!

IMG 3731

IMG 3739

Old town Duomo, sadly all shut up.

IMG 3691

IMG 3735

Lovely sunny day, even though the temperature was 4C lower than on the coast.  We thought a bottle of vino would go down well at lunchtime … but were put off by the stupid tourist prices they would have charged.  Sober, we had our non-alcoholic picnic at the gardens at the end, although we moved to a more public area as some ‘unsavouries’ plonked themselves a little too close.  And this was even after I had pulled out my cook’s knife to open my soup carton.  Not sure if they were more interested in the knife than J’s camera?  

IMG 3742

Not fancying the 340+ steps back up to the new town and then the walk to bus stop, we caught the local bus.  It was only when J tried to pay and was waved on, that I remembered that we should have bought tickets from the tobacconist – having been a little confused as I knew we could buy the Ragusa / Punta Secco tickets on the bus.  This is another reminder of the contradiction that is Sicily:  rules made to broken and not enforced at the unwitting tourist’s expense.  Having enjoyed the free ride, we splashed out on a coffee whist we waited for our bus back to Punta Secco.  Too late to move on, so another night here.


225 – Tuesday 1st December 2015:  Christmas Planned

We were very conscious, since we will not be with family, Christmas could be a very damp squib.  I had posted on a couple of Motorhome forums that we could still be in Sicily for Christmas, was anyone around.  Dan had got in touch – he, and about 8-10 other Brits, would be on a site for Christmas … and wait for this … their site was only 3 miles from where we are currently.  A few emails later and after our run, we cycled over.  Really friendly people … we will try to book tomorrow for a week over Christmas.  And thanks Dan for the wind up … we have checked and the 5th gear problem is on old Fiats that had a poorly made 5th gear bolted onto the 4 gears … we have a newer version:  6 gears!  Although we had thought we would go to Modica today, we came back on site for lunch and jobs, such as oiling bike chains, emptying the toilet cassette, laundry and J repaired my foxtrot uncle non-repair (where I made the original problem 1000x worse) on two door handles!  OK, so we made 4 nights and got the 4 night discount 🙂

226 – Wednesday 2nd December 2015:  Shopping and on the Move

Despite best intentions, we overslept and it was 9.38 precisely when we awoke… too late for a run.  After breakfast and packing up we headed over to the Brit’s Campsite and have booked in for a week from the 20th December.  We had been told about a Decathlon sports shop in a retail park outside Ragusa.  Since it was on our route we stopped off and managed to buy a basket of ‘necessary’ items we really could not do with out.  We did manage to walk by the body boards, dinghies and tennis rackets :(.   An iper shop at the Iper-Coop, so we are now fully stocked for Kerstin’s visit, including hearty bread!  Kerstin arrive tomorrow for 4 days …. really looking forward to seeing her.  An easy drive to a light house point just north of Augusta, which included a short detour to prevent us getting wedged under a low bridge.