Makkum, Sinead and Cycling


Spent most of the day driving up to Makkum, where Sinead is working and a super yacht which is being re-fitted.  It is reached via a man made causeway of about 18 miles, creating a mega lake.

Slight comms problems as J’s phone decided to NOT work in Holland so we could not let Sinead know we had arrived, but she found us.  Drinks in Chardonnay with her colleagues Joanna from Oz, and Dave from Wales.  They left us and partied on in the village centre.



Thought about a bus or train to Amsterdam, but looked like it involved many changes and about 3 hours and did not fancy a 1.5 hour drive in.  So trying to start off as we mean to and do some exercise at least every other day, we set off on the bikes.  How hard can a bike ride in Holland be?  All flat and cycle paths everywhere. Going out was fine, then James spotted the wind was WITH us…. it certainly was AGAINST us on the way back; it was a real struggle.  So cold we bought a coffee in Hindeloope and then stopped for a flask coffee to break the journey back.  Only 20 miles and we were quite knackered… it is a start.

The air by the camping has everything for the EUR 7 fee:  immaculate toilets, showers, water , washing machine and chem loo so we availed ourselves of everything.  I am now buffed, plucked and polished!  Walked into Makkum town: very pretty and bedecked in bunting for Anzac day celebrations.

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Sinead, the very lovely Melissa from Canada and us went into Makkum for a superb fish supper – a really lovely evening and thank you S for paying for us.