616 – Mud in Your Eye!

616 Thursday 2nd February 2017:  Amazing ADAC – Especially Cabo Espechel – Mud in your Eye !

Our quiet evening alone at Espichel got more interesting as the wind grew stronger – abed at 11:00 – and not much sleep due to the increasing wind (outside).  At 2:00 am, we decided to move location from our firmly sand surfaced (remember this phrase for later, folks) parking – to a smaller area about 500 metres away.  In the dark, it looked ok if a bit uneven. Drove forward and went to swing wide to face the exit for ‘vanevac’.   No movement in any direction – we were stuck firmly – IN MUD – not sand!.  Nothing for it but to bed – a more sheltered pitch – we couldn’t have blown over anyway – being anchored in the red sticky stuff.  Confident in the knowledge that we have snow chains and GripTrax to pull us clear in the morning. 

Dawn was late – well, 8-ish – and Oscar and I did a recce – signs not good – Jez well bedded in. As my movements were hampered by my back problem, K gallantly got the rescue equipment out and assembled.  The snow chains first – no movement at all for Jez.  Grip Trax – no progress to begin with – but our heroine K – decided to excavate down to a firmer base – by digging – with a soup spoon!  This will heretofore be part of essential SAS (Slip And Slide) survivor training. The digging operation involved K lying on her side under the front wheels – the photo shows her before she got really muddy – in her hair and all over her spectacles!  She looked even more beautiful after her mud bath – but when we told her that, Oscar – she didn’t immediately thank us?  Grip Trax broke & Snow Chains wrapped around the axel  – last resort – ADAC – our German based emergency service – “Pannenhilfe”!  They arrived as promised in about an hour – smiling. (The snow chains had wrapped themselves around the axle – we hesitantly said.)  A stout crow bar sorted that quickly.  Within minutes, they hitched us up and towed Jez clear.  I had felt a bit helpless during the operation – like a spare trick at a wedding!  Thank goodness for my keyboard eyesight, again…  James, the ‘p’ is nowhere near the ’t’ key….  You have to cross your ’t’s and dot your ‘p’s though?   The photos don’t really do the situation full justice…

Serious lesson to all motorhomers – check the parking surface – first before parping – sorry, barking or even embarking…

We have only the highest praise for ADAC – the very best! 

 Mega relief – K kissed both rescuers – and we both decided that Campismo Lisboa beckoned – for showers, cleaning and clothes washing…


Back at Lisboa Campismo, K sorted the washing – and cleaned the van – my small contribution was walking (a different coloured) Oscar (Espichel muddy hue) – and a forced resting of my back.  

We (O and I) have nominated K for the DGSM (Done Great Service in Mud) medal for the next Queen’s Honours List – and Oscar has nominated himself for a MBE (Maybe Breakfast Earlier?).

6:00 pm saw 2 glasses of fine white port being served – abed by 10:00 – K dreamed of being suffocated – in mud?      


Thank Goodness for waterproof trousers and jacket – I had to lie down in it several times!  Oscar found a stick so didn’t give damn.  



I have a winch and I will use it!


Time to uncouple … free 🙂

Oscars’ Diary

‘Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn… all was well in my world.

5 thoughts on “616 – Mud in Your Eye!

  1. Well done for getting unstuck. Perhaps the van was extra heavy after your big post Lisbon shop and water/fuel addition. I’ve had to dig trucks out of the mud plenty of times during my African adventures but never my motorhome. I always carry sandmats and shovel tho, just on case.

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