617-618: Cascais and Rugby

617 – Friday 3rd February 2017:  Cascais

We left Campismo Lisboa – clean. 


The route along the coast is ‘littered’ with forts …this one out in the misty sea.


And a little closer on shore.  I was confused as to whom would attack from the Atlantic, other than Sir Francis Drake who inflicted much damage on the Med coast, so I googled, that a lot of the forts were trading posts.  As Portugal and Spain recognised each other’s territories (mostly), there was little threat from the Atlantic, until the English, French and Dutch showed up. 

Through Estoril (mainly resort town with high rises) – and quickly to Caiscais (pronounced ‘Kashkish’, we think).  Nicey (pricey) parking at the Marina with really helpful dog friendly attendant  – and off to walk – beautiful green park with chickens wandering around – we were gently reminded by a park attendant that humans need to be on leads – controlled by a (our) dog!   As if he’d chase anything?!?   He controls us!  I wandered back to Jez while K and O walked on – to discover an O’Neills Irish Bar – which will show the opening day of the 6 Nations Rugby tomorrow!  Ireland v Scotland and England v France!  A date booked. 

A truly beautiful overnight parking with about 8 other vans – facing the Atlantic Ocean – strong winds blowing – but not much van movement – and not a spot of mud for K’inometres!  K and O walked to the nearby beaches and wowed about their dogambulations.  We can hear the waves crashing on the rocks – no 2:00 am relocation, tonight, eh…… 


Outside the bankrupt Irish villa …   Once the royal family started spending summer’s here, the riff raff started building their villas nearby … an Irishman built Condes Castro Guimaraes (now a museum) including Shamrock emblems, but he went bankrupt and had to sell.


The Citadela is the former Royal Palace, now a Pousada (posh atmospheric state run hotel chain that my Aged’s like to frequent … on occasion), shops and restaurants.


Dom Carlos… from the dates he was only 47 when assassinated.  Along the front are some stunning villas.

K here   I also booked a hair cut at 1.00 tomorrow before the big games … my annual chop!  4” to come off I reckon.  We drove along the coast looking for an overnight spot, mindful of the terrain and not being overly wind buffeted.  We spied a parking with about 6 other ‘vans  … but that’ll do nicely, thank you.  Hardstanding, great views and not too windy.  J rested and I took O to investigate the area.  On the other side of the road was a massive sand dune area … the wind blows the sand from here – Praia do Guincho and Praia da Crismina inland and according to the info boards to another beach a little further south.  Can’t work out the geography myself, but it was an impressive boardwalk through a dune eco system with plants and birds.  They do get around, the Brits … a family at the info centre … drinking beer … booze is such a less obvious preoccupation here to the locals, at least.  After the boardwalk I headed onto the beach … the Atlantic rollers really are something.  I used to be a reasonably strong swimmer, but no way would I have ventured out in these.  Oscar attempted to eat a salt foam ball and then eschewed chasing any sticks or flotsam.  

IMG 1077

The dune board walk.

IMG 1079

You can just spot the vans on the coast.

IMG 1082

Shame it was so misty, as there was another fort and a rocky cost.

IMG 1085

I’ve not see foam like this since we had a holiday home in Norfolk and the beach in Eccles used to turn white.

618 – Saturday 4th February:  A Resounding English Result 

Leisurely start as our first appointment for my hair was not until 1.00.  Just as well we had time, as I bagged up 5 portions of broad bean soup … the flavour is relevant!  As one of the bags had a hole and it looked as if a giant sneeze had coated, surfaces, sinks, walls and the interior walls of the fridge.  Oscar tried to help clear up with his tongue and was also snotted.  Ho hum … we had flying soup about a year ago in Italy.

We left Jez at the free parking by the Boca do Inferno – the sea crashes into a cleft in the rock sending up a lot of spray and, on occasions a loud booming noise.


Boco do Inferno.


Onto my hair cut – much needed… about 10 cm off.  The half S.A. and half Portuguese lady hairdresser told me that Cascais, whilst still being touristy, has retained its Portuguese identity, unlike the Algarve.  I really liked the feel of the town … so far this is my ‘could live here’ Portugal destination.


Before … Maddy told me it was my witchypoo look last weekend.P1130175

After 🙂

I met J and O at the O’Neill’s Irish bar and were told we were welcome to take O inside.  Just as well, as the outside TV failed to work.  I don’t think we’ve sat on one firm chair so long since our work days!  Ireland lost to Scotland’s amazing defence in a brilliant to watch game.  J’s daughter Sinead was at Murrayfield but obviously did not bring them enough luck!  However, the main event – France and ENGLAND, was a perfect score!  The pub did not provide food, but brought in piazza from another restaurant …. as it took soooo long to arrive, and was pretty cold when it did, we even had a complimentary round of drinks … another good result!

P1130173  1

O’Neill’s and you may just spot a Lepracorn in a green fleece with an Irish rugby cap!


We stayed over at our previous night’s parking … 


Our neighbour for both nights.  I don’t know why the young man had it in for dolls, but they or their body parts were everywhere!


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