891-892: Plitvice Lakes – Slap & Bog

 891-892 – Friday 10th & Saturday 11th November 2017:  Plitvice Lakes – WOW!

We arrived at the Plitvice National park at 1100 hrs and talked to the info office – not terribly helpful… best she could do was sell us a map with suggestions for Kuna 20!  90 Kuna (Euro9) each for a 2 day pass is good value.  Armed with our map, we set off – not sure what to expect – good as it happened.  Really good.  Well, around each corner – we had a slap. No! It wasn’t a boxing match – “Slap” is Croatian for waterfall.  Now then – if you say to a Croatian lady – “Bog – how’s your slap?” – you won’t get a handbag in your face – you’ve just said “Good morning – how’s your waterfall?”  We had the most ‘slapping’ day for years – the waterfalls are amazing – just incredible – the photos are a selection of 150+ taken over 2 days – small wonder it’s one of the very top attractions in the country!  5 hours walking on Day 1- with loads of photo stops and a picnic lunch – small wonder we averaged 3km per hour. 

We are staying overnight in the car park – motorhomes have stayed here – but only out of season….very quiet and dark – which meant excellent stars.  Another amazing walk to look forward to – tomorrow – with more slaps!!!  A slaphappy time, indeed.

After Oscar’s Diary blog yesterday, he’s been invited to join the Iceland cricket team – they have ambitions – to join the K-Nations championship. He is thinking about it – but we reckon he will continue to play “silly mid wicket” and “slip” for Wales. He’s also quite adroit at ’sledging’ – those non-Wisdeners, ask Stephen Jater…..  


Day 2 in the big ‘slapper’ house…..let’s forget the Big Brother connection – is it still on tv?  With Kavina McDoll?  Shall I avoid any more ‘slap’ puns?  maybe…. Anyway, more of the same as we started our walk at 10:00 this time – we walked some of the same paths and new ones too – the earlier light was different.  But – what more can we say about this Park? Phenomenal…  

Walk finished – and back to Jez – motored to that lovely free aire at Otoacac…. Van cleaning from head to toe – relaxing – and Ireland beat South Africa by a record score – 38-3 – wow!  Last pun, I promise – what did Thomas Crapper invent?  The ’slappercrappercracker’, of course…with firecrappers or crackers.  

Oscar’s tail is down – Australia beat Wales – sorry, Bronwen and Kay.     

IMG 8874

Our initial views of the lakes and we already thought the entry fee good value.

IMG 8876

IMG 8879

IMG 8881\

IMG 8883

IMG 8886

As well as a road train between, there are small electric boats.  Cleverly, they do not duplicate routes, but you still need to be able to walk a bit to get around.

IMG 8890

Oscar camouflaged with his prize stick amongst the Beech leaves.

IMG 8898

Lots of ancient trees.

IMG 8900

Some in the water.

IMG 8907

And some with most unusual mushrooms growing out of them.

IMG 8917

Adoring and waiting on my every command …. NOT.  Just looking for food!

IMG 8920

The water just pours over and through … everywhere.

IMG 8922

IMG 8936

IMG 8937

IMG 8939

For a dog that does not like water, Oscar was most uncomfortable on the open parts of the boardwalk … water both side and sometimes gushing underneath.  He stayed very close to my heels.

IMG 8941

IMG 8943

IMG 8950

IMG 8953

IMG 8962

Some of the pools were so still and calm compared the the falls.

IMG 8967

IMG 8968

IMG 8983

IMG 9001

The Karst limestone rock has been eroded to form caves.

IMG 9003

IMG 8996

IMG 9008

Our overnight illegal parking spot – in the Lakes carpark … no chance in the season as paying and with staff on duty.

IMG 9014

The Big Slap!

IMG 9015

IMG 9016

IMG 9023

Receiving a big slap!

IMG 9026

IMG 9029

My suggested route took us up lots of nearly impassable broken steps by the Big Waterfall, and I commented to J about how old they must be.  This hand hewn out tunnel was at the top.

IMG 9030

We came from across there.

IMG 9035

With the sun shinning, the water colour had more WOW factor.

IMG 9037

IMG 9049

IMG 9050

More water streaming over, out and through. 

IMG 9056

Poor Oscar; thought he’d done with boardwalks and water gushing under.

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