1354-1358: Walks, Gas and Keys!

1354: Medical and Hair

Tuesday 19th November 2019

I needed a blood test and hormone injection – the excellent Health Centre and Laboratory in Kalives duly obliged – 5 minutes from our pitch on the beach. And cheap … EUR15 for the Drs consultation, and EUR 40 for the blood test (EUR120 was paid once in France for this same blood test!).  Good result picked up a few days later … PSA result 0.05, so hormones doing their job. 

Our gas supply is problematic at the moment – we think a new regulator is required.  Lots of gas bottles used here, but not with regulators that have an auto crash cut off sensor!  A short drive to Chania after the local gas/B&Q style shop couldn’t help. The chap at Chania was helpful but didn’t have what we needed either. We may get one sent from mainland Greece…..

K solved the issue of needing a hair wash by having a hair colour appointment!

1355: Cave and Cove Walk

Wednesday 20th November

Now then, readers – your starter for 10 – what’s an anagram of ’AndyPandyCar’?  “Paddynannyrac”?  Answers in cyber time……. who remembers Bamber Gascoigne?  Name the tv programme?  What’s the link to Crete?  Well, the answer is that Paddycar was parked at Kokkino for the walk photographed by the lovely K.  

Fabulous walk with a small cove and amazing sea cave.

IMG 3834

Parked the AndyPandyCar at Kokkino Chorio … the town mostly shut up but lovely views back across to the Akrotiri peninsula and Chania.

IMG 3836

These bulbs are persistent buggers coming up through the tarmac.

IMG 3840

Koutalas Beach / Cove and lunch stop.  I didn’t take a pic of her, but a lady was swimming when we arrived … did wonder if she was skinning dipping and would stay in the water util we left, but she did have a bikini.

IMG 4148

Koutalas Cove.

IMG 4152

IMG 4154

Sea cave:  Steps down ..

IMG 3842

IMG 3841

IMG 4157

The walk book was very clear not to cross here if the rock was wet, so we sent Corrie’s across to test it!

IMG 4164

Amazing colours from the minerals.  

IMG 4165

IMG 4169

K walked onto the lighthouse past military land, very careful not to take pix of that!  

IMG 4170

Oh dear.  Christmas has arrived early here too.

IMG 4171

My goodness … perch was ordered … and two huge battered pieces of fish and potatoes … herbs in the batter makes it healthy, right?

And we’re going to this restaurant for more food on Saturday evening – and live Greek music!

1356: Heraklion for Keys!

Thursday 21st November

!.5 hours each way to FIAT Heraklion – to pay for replacement van keys – payment can only be made in person.  K:  All my fault, I seem to have lost them!  And Murphy’s Law, when we only have one set, we will loose them!  An expensive business replacing keys … EUR265 programmed alarm key!  The habitation key was much cheaper £19 for 2 and Maddy will bring them out to us in December.  

What does “FIAT” stand for?  Not “Fix It Again Tomorrow”!  “Fabricato Italiano Automobile Torino”…. We did some shopping – a bit crowded – and lunch……   

1357: Poorly Girl

Friday 22nd November 

K was a little unwell – very unusual (we aborted our walk from Armeni)….she slept a lot during the day – Oscar, Corrie and I rallied around – and did – ‘stuff’.  Mainly dog walking and being very quiet – like that tonic water advert “Sch….”

1358: Armeni Walk Accomplished

Saturday 23rd November 

K rallied after an excellent night’s sleep – hurrah!  Drove to Armeni – coffee and cookies. Deja vue at the same coffee shop and our order of yesterday was remembered.  We chatted to a young lad whose father we had talked to here yesterday … another ex pat musician.  Oscar was much admired – not Corrie this time…..

6k walk – flat terrain – a few dogs – and terrapins in the local river. What’s a good recipe for ‘terrapin flambe’?  Pan on low heat with olive oil – carefully remove terrapin shell – heat to sizzle (not on our gas though) and serve with garnish and crusty shell  – flame with lots of raki – watch your eyebrows…..  Masterchef?  No!     K:  May I point out that J is of the school of Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook! I once considered buying him cookery lessons, but decided that was a gift for me, not him!

And off up to the hill village for local music now.


Our walk was flat, but views of the White Mountains.


Amongst the orange groves … and no we didn’t pick any.


A Venetian water mill.


No livestock until towards the end of the walk, so CO2 were off lead 🙂

IMG 3849

Post walk rest .. O almost camouflaged.

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