1350-1353: Another Peninsula and Looking for Food

1350: Another Monastery and in Search of Lunch

Friday 15th November 2019

Monastery Agia Triada was our Pandacar destination – with beautiful courtyards and accessible rooftops. We enjoyed a copious wine tasting – not amazing wines but palatable – obviously not a ‘dry’ day…  a lovely Albanian lady served us and gave us a lot of informations about the olives and grape varieties.  Sure we had more than our quota.  we really didn’t like the reds … especially the one that is a half white / half red grape and then aged in a barrel … this is the one, each monk has a supply of in their cell!  Only 6 monks live here, so presumably it never runs out.  


We’d seen coaches here as we drove past yesterday … and more again today … fortunately we managed to avoid most of them until the end, when we couldn’t get out for the bodies stood stock still … pretending to listen attentively to the guide, and not aware they were blocking the exit!  Bah – tourists!


The monastery was a lush huge courtyard garden, with the church in the centre.






A couple of roof tops were open to climb.

 Loutraki Beach, a parking overnight spot, but not worth moving for.  Marathi – only a fast food van … pretty with 2 beaches.  But no open restaurants.


Loutraki Beach … a small sandy beach with a massive hotel; must be horrid in season.

IMG 4122

Marathi – one of the two beaches split by the harbour pier.

Nothing open on way home either, so cheese and biscuits in Jez, back at Stavros!  In the afternoon, I walked west of Stavros, hugging the coast all the way out.  Just as well it was out of season, as I was walking over hotel complex patios and pool areas.  

IMG 4127

Looking back to Zorba’s mountain and CO2 made some beach friends. 

IMG 4126

Natural rock pool, although you can see where the Venetians cut out blocks for building the monasteries.

IMG 4131

Sunset view from our parking.

 1351: Kolymbari ‘ere We Kome

Saturday 16th November 

Shopping on the way … needed to make sure we had food in case all the restaurants here were also shut.  We parked at harbou and K asked the harbour master – 2 nights would be ok for overnighting. A bit noisy with harbour rock dredging.  K walked – and found restaurants open with a much quieter parking including a beach shower – we could attach a hose to save hand balling with our watering can.

Our LPG gas pressure has been quite weak recently – we may have a regulator or filter issue – one to watch. There was insufficient pressure to provide water for showering – I suggested we shower (cold) on the beach – I received a distinctly ‘Brexit-style’ veto!!!   Speaking of vetos, who remembers Nikita Kruschev using his veto by removing his shoe and hammering the table at the UN?  A ‘vetoe’ perhaps…..

IMG 4142

Not the prettiest of beaches, but a lot of new and being built hotel / villa complexes being built along the front.

IMG 4143

Very peaceful – we stayed 2 nights.

1352: Up the Rodopos Peninsula

Sunday 17th November 

Stopped for coffee – and raki was on offer!  Too early for us Purists!

In our super Andypandycar, we set off downhill on a dirt track which became more potholed and rivuletyfissured (try that with a gobful of crushed ice!).  Parked on a bend and walked the two km to St John Baptist church.

Back to the car and K piloted up the hill. On a down slope, the Panda started rocking and rolling with noise – I thought “what a nice extra Fiat put in for us”.  Just to be sure, stopped and checked.  The rocks and rolls had completely shredded a rear tyre!  The jack and other paraphernalia were extracted from the boot. When had either of us previously changed a wheel?  Down slope meant we had all anchors on and rocks wedged against front wheels…  I rolled under the vehicle to locate a jacking point – Oscar and Corrie helped by lying there and looking superior… nurse K used her excellent bedside manner by handing me the forceps etc – could be a difficult delivery!  But, the jacking point held and we got the ‘space saver’ tyre on and completed the job. Luckily, we have a tyre inflating machine that works off the car usb port, as the space saver looked a little flabby.

Why do car manufacturers provide space saving spares?  To save a few millimetres in the boot? To annoy motorists?  We have decided to field a totally new political party in the UK December elections – the “MASSTY” party – catchy eh?  The “Motorists Against Space Saving Tyre” party – stick that in your Boris, Jeremy!      

The Waves at Ravdoucha restaurant had been recommended, but sadly was shut – land slips on road was an indication of lack of passing traffic.

Drove to Kolymbari … and ditched the car long the old harbour.  Found a  lovely fish restaurant, called Argentia.  Had to choose this one as the Aged Ps and K’s sister Clare and husband Chris are currently on tour there.  It was slightly up market as they decorated Fava with anchovies and capers, normally it’s a bit of diced red onion. Hand washing to remove tyre dirt – and a little local vino to celebrate a tyre change – do we really need an excuse?

IMG 3805

 Corrie’s ears pricked up at the goat bells and her nose was pressed to the car window.

IMG 3807

Traffic jam going up the Rodopos Peninsula.  They were reluctant movers.

IMG 3806

Windy Gap, of course.

IMG 3813

IMG 3816

We walked down to the church in the green bit … and then back up!

IMG 3818

Agios Ioannis Rigologous – St John the Baptist.  Within a gated compound to keep the goats out .. a small chapel and seating for 600 outside.  A pilgrim site on St John’s Name Day in August.  Surrounding the chapel was a food serving station, more seating and modern toilets … all a bit incongruous.  

IMG 3821

My hero at work.  No mending this one!

1353: Back to Kalyves

Monday 18th November 

Filled with water  … strip washed as the hot water is still not not working with single gas cylinder. Good job we don’t need the central heating…

En route back to Kalyves we stopped at a tyre shop – my guess was Euro 40 – K guessed Euro 70 – the cost was Euro 75!  The forfeit was to catch a motorist with a puncture and offer to change the wheel – failed! 

Back to Kalyves – becoming our favourite base in this area of Crete –  bed linen dropped into laundrette – chilled. 


IMG 4147

A FaceBook funny.