1406-1408: Sun and Snow in the Hills

1406: Overcast Walk

Thursday 9th January

Coffee at Arti’s – a regular morning tradition…..

A walk to Macheri village and surroundings – with Brian and Zoa.  Early in the walk, Oscar approached a chained dog – and promptly got attacked! He was underneath the other dog and trying to escape – we think the owner believed Oscar was the aggressor – but our O hasn’t an angry bone in his body… no damage done.  And that should teach him to stay away from chained dogs protecting their homes.

On with lovely walk – later Brian treated us to his haute cuisine – noshtimo! 

IMG 4554

Small rock church … nothing unusual there, but the Laura Ashley chandelier is unusual!

IMG 4555

This car has been up cycled!

IMG 4556

Macheri village, from the start of the walk.

IMG 4560

Macheri new amphitheatre with lovely views … where J recited ‘The lake Isle of Inisfree’, one of my faves.  The amphitheatre would seat the population of the village several times over.

IMG 4561

IMG 4564

An old olive press just in a barn along one of the lanes.

IMG 4566

Red rocks and J coming out of Macheri.

1407: Snow Frolics

Friday 10th January

Katherine’s early doggie walk photo is amazing!

Then off in our PantyCraftyCar – to the snow – it took a while.  We kept driving and driving, seeing the snow piled up on the sides of the roads. Eventually we found sone, almost over the other side of Crete, at Imbros.  We’ve walked down the gorge  but this time we walked up the mountain.   The results were fantastic – frolics in the snow – and that was just Oscar and Corrie!  Well worth the trip.

Then – another recommended family restaurant in Stylos – they lit their fire especially for us. K had delicious liver – and I noshed chicken meatballs – a first!  Back to base – Kalyves – and chilling….. literally … when the sun goes down, it gets very cool.  We are burins gas at about a bottle every 6/7 days, but we don’t do cold, so no stinting ~ switching on the heating.

IMG 4567

I’ve taken a few pix of Kalives from the harbour, but this has got to be one of the best.  And that snow is where we are headed today.

IMG 4570

 I was worried the last 2 days of rain would have washed away all the snow … it was not looking promising.

IMG 3984

But we found some at Imbros … at least a foot deep.


Initially Corrie jumped from rock to rock to avoid getting her paws in the snow.



IMG 4575

IMG 4574








IMG 4579

And we found another lovely restaurant, 3 Cooks in Stylos; another recommendation.  And they lit the fire for us! 

IMG 4551



157-158: Dolomites Discovered and SNOW!!!

157 – Thursday 24th Sept 2015:  Departing and Driving to the Dolomites

Our drinking buddies had mentioned the Dolomites and K remembered Nicky used to climb here and both she and Bron had described them as stunning.  It seemed a sensible route to travel through Italy and onto the Lakes.  It took a while to leave Slovenia … like it had some kind of hold on us.  We had all Chardonnay’s services to do, a big shop, including a bike seat cover as K’s punctured gel saddle kept sticking to her bum, diesel and the LPG took a while as well as the pump needed re-setting – patient garage attendant.

Eventually we crossed a border point on a small road:  tiny, one bend and we were through.  No questions about migrants / refugees here.  By this time Sally was showing 8.30 pm as arrival at Cortina, so we bit the financial bullet and paid £8.80 in motorway tolls.  Ian (drinking buddy) had said he thought the Cortina Sosta (motorhome parking) had shut so we stayed a a superb FREE one just south of Cortina, and arrived in time for drinks!  Managed to dry out the awning too from the previous day’s downpour.

Free sorta, with views and awning drying :)

Free sorta, with views and awning drying 🙂

158 – Friday 25th Sept 2015:  Cortina and Cable Car

Slowish start and delayed by the chat to a lovely Aussie couple, who had bought a 30 yr old van in Britain and were doing a year in Europe.  They were only 21 and 23 and so much more together than we ever where at anything near this age.

Arrived in Cortina and found somewhere to park; had to pay!  Cortina is very posh!  Saw a LOT of very expensive cars.

Not one Porsche but two!  Must have seen about a dozen.

Not one Porsche but two! Must have seen about a dozen.

Cortina is nestled in the middle of some of the most stunning mountain scenery.

Cortina is nestled in the middle of some of the most stunning mountain scenery.

Looking for the TIC and J enquired in one of the posh frocks shops and the lovely lady even rang to find out which office was open still at midday.  We passed lots more designer shops and yes, Bron, shoe shops, but managed to not dive inside!  Helpful TIC:  the lake we wanted to walk up to was shut due to snow, suggested another lake with a sosta, suggested a cable car and chair lift to get views and a walk … oops .. J allergic to chair lifts, so she suggested another mountain with only a cable car!

Pix can do the talking and it was hard to identify which ones to include in the blog. Passo Falzarego and the Lagazuoi Cable Car.


Chardonnay’s bottom and already snow and views.


Setting off in the cable car

Setting off in the cable car

Getting higher and J now in the centre of the cable car checking his show laces!

Getting higher and J now in the centre of the cable car checking his shoe laces!

Can you actually see the car park down there?

Can you actually see the car park down there?


Ireland cap 🙂

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